Impact Wrestling Results (2/2): New Champion Crowned, EC3 Returns, The DCC vs. The Decay

total nonstop deletion

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Impact Wrestling Results

February 2nd, 2017 

Report By Joshua Lopez for 

The Broken Hardy’s & Bobby Lashley In-Ring Promo: 

Yes, the night is upon us. The night of open fights takes place in the zone of impact. The impact spotlight will be solely on, Brother Nero. The conquest of the Hardy’s are only beginning. The seven deities have been louder and louder. The Hardy’s need to remain champion’s again and again and again. They’ll become the greatest tag team of all space and time. The Hardy’s most obtain every tag team championships in the universe. They’ll bring the fight to all of the nefarious Brother Nero’s who refused to show up at Total Nonstop Deletion (The Bucks of Youth, The Day of New and The Family of Wyatt’s). Brother Nero says that the creatures need to mount up.

Brother Nero looks forward to continuing his tag team dominance, but he’s going to step back into the solo dimension tonight and challenge big, bad Bobby Lashley to once again be the TNA World Champion. Lashley comes out to interrupt The Hardy’s. Lashley knew their paths were going to cross eventually. The Hardy’s may be broken and obsolete, but they’re not stupid, and after beating Eddie Edwards last week, he’s ready for a war. The only question is whether Brother Nero is ready because he brought his brother out here to find a way to take that title off of him. Brother Nero tells Brother Moore to go backstage and enjoy the show with his family because he’s going to do this by himself, no excuses Lashley says he has no problem defending the title.