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Coachman Talks Randy Orton’s Evolving Attitude, Johnny Mundo Talks LU Daring to Be Different From WWE, Helms Clarifies HHH Tweet

randy orton
Photo Credit: YouTube.com/WWEFanNation

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard recently spoke with ESPN’s Jonathan Coachman, Lucha Underground’s Johnny Mundo, and gets a response from Shane Helms regarding a Tweet perceived as a shot at Triple H. Below are some excerpts:

Jonathan Coachman on interviewing Randy Orton during SummerSlam last year:

“I worked there for so long, so I knew all these guys, but I will say that Randy Orton was the biggest surprise simply because he was a loose cannon,” said Coachman. “Day to day, you never knew what kind of mood he was going to be in. He’s a perfect example of somebody growing and moving away from one attitude and one way of living, and being a WWE superstar and also being very respectful of the venue he’s in.”

Johnny Mundo on Lucha Underground daring to be different from WWE:

Lucha had the balls to be different.

Lucha Underground got some of the best talent in the industry, and the creative is set up so the storylines are followed to fruition–they are completed and don’t just change every week. Lucha Underground also put a lot of power in the hands of the talent. When you’re dealing with the top talent in the wrestling business, that’s often how you get the best results.

The fatal flaw of most promotions is trying to be WWE, but there is no way you can be WWE. Lucha Underground is a TV show in the way that it’s produced far more so than any other wrestling promotion out there. Lucha was also really smart about the wrestlers. A lot of the guys from Mexico have so much raw talent and creative energy, and a different set of moves and psychology that you wouldn’t see outside of Mexico. Giving Pentagon, Fenix, [King] Cuerno and Mil Muertes the keys to the Corvette and letting them drive is one of the reasons this is so cool and so different.”

Shane Helms turned some heads a few days ago when he posted the following Tweet, and Barrasso was able to get a reaction from Helms, which you can also read below:

Helms explained the Tweet with the following comment:

“That tweet wasn’t a jab at anybody,” said Helms. “Triple H knows me, and he wasn’t even in Talent Relations at the time, so it definitely wasn’t a jab at him. ‘JustSayin’ was a slogan I would say in WWE when they did the ‘Hurrapops’ gimmick, which was like Pop Up Video. I would pop up in a little bubble, make a smart a– comment, then say, ‘I’m just sayin!’ That’s all that was.”