Lucha Underground Results (1/27) – Mil Muertes vs. Ivelisse, New Champion Crowned

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Lucha Underground Results

January 27h, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Vampiro Promo: 

Vampiro is in the Youssef Floro Clinic in the Psychotic Break Division and he’s being evaluated by one of the doctors. The doctor asks Vampiro if there’s any nightmares running through his mind. We see flashes from the Vampiro/Pentagon Jr. match at Ultima Lucha. Vampiro has been in the clinic for the last six months. The doctor brings out a bottle of pills that Vampiro must take twice a day and is now granting his release. The doctor tells Vampiro that he needs to stay away from the people and places that make him get in a violent state. A image runs through Vampiro’s head as he attacks the doctor and chokes out anybody that gets in his way. Vampiro eventually agrees to the doctor’s demands. The doctor asks Vampiro if he has anybody that can pick him up? We see Matt Striker arrive and greets his brother. Striker says that they are invited to go back to the temple, but it’s a darker place now. The boys drive away. 

Catrina & Fenix Segment: 

Catrina is shown in her brand new office and she was wondering if Fenix had the guts to step back into her temple. Yet again it’s just like a phoenix that can’t stay dead. Fenix says that he’s back for Mil Muertes and his World Heavyweight Championship. Fenix has possession of the Gift of Gods Championship, but Catrina is the new ruler in this temple and she has the power to make Fenix wait. Fenix will take on Mil Muertes next week for the Lucha Underground, but that match may not happen because tonight Fenix is defending his Gift of the Gods Championship against King Cuerno. Catrina tells Fenix that Mil Muertes will be watching.