WWE Live Event Results (3/6): Kalamazoo, MI; Kane vs Wyatt Street Fight, Ryback Face or Heel?, Funkadactyls Reunite, Security Issues

wwe live event
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Thanks to Lance Lazarov for sending in the following:

Kalamazoo, MI WWE LIVE

Show: 1:00 PM

Show starts late due to new security measures of metal detecting everyone from talent to security to fans to get into the building. The show ends up being almost if not identical to the show last night in Saginaw, MI.

1st match: Tyler Breeze and Stardust tagging against Damien Sandow and Fandango, huge pop for Cody chant, all wrestlers got in on the crowd’s fun. Tyler and stardust started to tangle with each other after some friendly misfire during the match, they hugged it out and continued to fight the faces. Winners Sandow and fandango

2nd match: R- Truth vs Bo Dallas w/ Heath Slater. At end of very short match R truth gets the roll up victory pin and then gets beat down on by slater and Dallas, goldust makes the save and crowd goes nuts with goldentruth chants.

3rd match: Rusev w/ Lana vs Sin Cara. decent match a lot of back and forth, sin cara actually angle slammed Rusev. Crowd cheering lots for Lana.

4th match: Ziggler and Big Show tag against Harper and Braun Strowman w/Rowan at ringside. Fans absolutely got into match. Big show appeared to have been injured at the end of the match. It looks like he tweaked his knee, and he could be seen talking to Dolph after the end of he match as Dolph told him to exit safely. Big show then returned up the ramp after exiting under bottom rope instead of his traditional exit. Could big show be seriously hurt or was just a slight discomfort?


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5th match: 6 divas tag match: Team BAD with new member “funkadactyls reunited” and tamina vs Sasha banks, paige, and Alicia fox. Alicia fox looking extra athletic during this match. Huge pops for both teams and the winner is Sasha’s team.

6th match: Ryback vs Konnor w/ Viktor. Usual Goldberg chants and even some skip Sheffield yells from the crowd as well. Winner Ryback.

Main event: Kane vs bray Wyatt in a street fight. Awesome match crowd fully into it. Bray really over with the crowd. Pops the loudest of the night for him. Kane got support too, crowd 51-49 Wyatt. Winner by chokeslam through table, Kane.

Side notes:

Got to have one on one convo with Byron Saxton at start of intermission as I was sitting front row to the side of him. Also saw legend FIT FINLAY over at production tables next to stage where they queued up the music.

Not a sold out house, but a fantastic house show to send the wwe universe off and ready for raw tomorrow!