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Sami Callihan On His NXT Hacker Gimmick, “…It Was Kind Of Maybe Before It’s Time…”; CZW Owner DJ Hyde Compares CZW To ECW, More

WrestleZone Radio’s Nick Hausman was down in Dallas, TX during WrestleMania 32 weekend gathering interviews for WZ TV.

In the above interview Nick chats with CZW owner DJ Hyde as well as CZW and former WWE NXT wrestler Sami Callihan.

You can find some quotes from Sami and DJ Hyde below:

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On who helped Sami craft his hacker gimmick in WWE NXT:

SC: That was mine and Dusty Rhodes‘ brain child. Dusty fine tuned it. It was ready to go. (In a Dusty Rhodes voice) “I got to play with my broken toys baby.” I think it could have been the precursor to a lot of things. When I had the idea for it and pitched it it was before Mr. Robot, the Watchdog video game and it was just one of those things I thought was a really good gimmick. It’s hard to say it like this but it was kind of maybe before it’s time for when it could have been as relevant as it should have been. The puzzle pieces just didn’t seem to go together. It wasn’t the right time for it. It wasn’t the right time for me.

On people’s perception that CZW is just an ultra violent pro wrestling promotion:

DJ: It’s one of those things that if you’re a fan of professional wrestling it’s like you’re a fan of ice cream. Some people like chocolate. Some people like vanilla. We want to be Baskin Robbins. We want to be able to give you everything. Not only are we going to give you this great, over the top, hardcore thing. There are people that like that. We have been very successful. That’s why we are one of the top brands in the country. We are also going to give you guys like Sami Callihan and AR Fox. We had Ricochet on the show last night. The youngest guys that are the next generation. We are the company that brings you high flying, great entertainment and technical wrestling guys. Fans think, “Oh, they only do this.” We are very similar to what ECW was. Yes, you knew the hardcore but you have to remember guys like Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio… that’s where they came from. They came from that generation. Yes, they had great hardcore matches but they’ve also had great matches. A lot of fans kind of over look at us and think, “Oh, they’re the light tube guys!” Then you start looking at the WWE level and you go, “Wait a minute. Cesaro? Seth Rollins? Kalisto? Sami Callihan? Rich Swann?” Rich Swann is one of my students. The lists goes on and on. 

You can find Nick’s podcasts from WrestleMania 32 weekend chronicling his adventures in the embedded audio player below: