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WWE Star Lands Role In New Dramatic Movie, Will Still Perform Duties With WWE While Filming, Former UFC Star Comments On Brock Lesnar

David Otunga Lands Movie Role

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Raw Pre-show host and new announcer, David Otunga, has been cast in a new drama movie. While filming, Otunga will still perform all of his WWE duties. 

Live to Tell is the name of the movie and Otunga is cast as a police captain who responds to a school shooting. Otunga will be filming around his WWE schedule and filming will begin in August. The description of the movie on IMDB reads:  “A school teacher is stuck in the midst of a school shooting. It is also a bullying awareness film.”

Chuck Liddell Comments on Brock Lesnar

Chuck Liddell spoke about Brock Lesnar’s return to the UFC to Hollywood Life. Liddell made an interesting comment about Lesnar during the interview and you can read those comments below: 

“He was a good college wrestler, but he is afraid to get hit,” Liddell said. “That makes things dangerous — when you have a guy that can punch, and if he can stop Brock’s take-downs a little bit, then [Brock] is in a lot of trouble. I mean, he is tough and has heart because he will still fight and still keep coming and I will give him that. He has heart and he fights hard, but he is very afraid of the punch. So you just have to start punching him!”