WWE Money in the Bank Results (6/19) – Rollins/Reigns, Cena vs Styles, Who’s Mr. Money in the Bank?


WWE Money In The Bank Results

June 19th, 2016

Report by Joshua Lopez for Wrestlezone.com

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First WWE Money in the Bank Kickoff Match: Golden Truth vs. Breezdango 

Fandango and Truth starts off this match. Truth and Fandango locked up, but Fandango is selling the effects of the bad tan. Truth with a back elbow to Fandango. Truth lands a couple of knife edge chops. Fandango tags in Breeze. Truth chops Breeze in the chest. Truth tags in Goldust. Golden Truth with a double team chop to the chest and back of Breeze. Breeze with a kick to the midsection of Goldust. Goldust gets Breeze in position for Shattered Dreams. Goldust with a right hand to gut of Breeze who’s in mid-air. Breeze tags in Fandango.

Truth continues to work on the back of Fandango. Truth with a corner mount to Fandango in the corner. Truth is distracted by Breeze. The distracts helps Fandango land a cheap shot. Fandango with a knee drop. Breezdango double teams Truth in the corner. Fandango applies a leg lock. Truth drops Fandango with a spinning leg lariat. Breeze and Goldust are tagged in. Goldust with a uppercut to Breeze. Goldust with a atomic drop to Breeze. Truth rolls Breeze out of the ring. Goldust plants Breeze with the Final Cut to pickup the victory. 

Winner: Golden Truth