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Val Venis Talks How Marijuana Helped Him Overcome Drug Withdrawals, Christy Hemme Talks Her Road to Becoming a Hollywood TV Writer

Vince Russo’s THE BRAND which could be both SEEN and HEARD daily on the and, was highlighted this week by part two of my interview with WWE Diva Search Winner and Former TNA Superstar Christy Hemme, and the finale of my discussion with Sean Morley, formerly known as WWE Superstar Val Venis.

In part two of VIXENS WHO RULE with Christy Hemme, the former winner of the WWE Diva Search and the first woman to ever be a part of the creative team at TNA talks about asking her dad for permission to do Playboy, the severe neck injury which prevented her from ever again wrestling and her new path on becoming a successful Hollywood television writer.

Here’s an excerpt of Christy talking about whether or not wrestling was a detriment to her career, now that she’s out in Hollywood striving to be a writer:

“I think there’s always two sides to it, and whether or not you decide to use the positive–and I do think there’s a positive. I would have never gotten to TNA, doing what I was doing (Creative), if I wasn’t a talent first and utilized what I had done there. So absolutely it works to my benefit. But, the bottom line is did you produce? Did you produce a body of work that was worthy of its title, or success? So to me, what’s really important is –yeah, I can be this pretty girl who’s working towards this goal in this male dominated world, but, what is important to me is going to school, learning and making sure what I produce is really good, because if it’s crap—it’s worthless.”

Up next, in the second part of my highly controversial interview with Sean Morley, former WWE Superstar Val Venis, Sean opens up about his life with the WWE, and the CANNABIS ROAD that followed. Being as honest and candid as they come, Sean covers such topics as his personal experience with alcohol and ecstasy, how marijuana became his new vice, how smoking pot eased the withdrawal caused by his addiction to pain killers, the holes in the WWE Drug Testing Policies and how we can stop WORLD Hunger simply by GROWING HEMP!!!

In this excerpt, Sean talks about using marijuana to help him get off the prescription drugs that he was once addicted to during his WWE career:

“The fact that I didn’t want to take pills any more was obviously key to not taking pills any more. There are some people that want to get off the pills, but once they get through the withdrawals over time they start thinking to themselves –‘I just wanted to get buzzed on a pill tonight’–and they wind up going right back down that same path. I think somebody has to actually really want to stop, and never want to take them again, in order for marijuana to really work for you.”

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