Mustafa Ali On What He Learned From Competing In The WWE CWC, “They Are Watching Everything”, Talks His Emotional Rollercoaster (Video)

This past Saturday Freelance Wrestling performed as a featured attraction as part of the Vans Warped Tour in Tinley Park, Il. 

Before the event took place I was able to get an interview with Freelance Wrestling Champion and recent Cruiserweight Classic competitor Mustafa Ali for Freelance TV.

I will be playing the audio from this interview at the end of today’s episode of WZ Daily. You can find some of his comments from the above interview below.

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On his wild road to actually competing in the Cruiserweight Classic:

MA: Initially the concept came out earlier this year around January. They had reached out and initially I was one of the thirty-two. Initially I was. Then what happened was I guess some international talent became available that wasn’t available previously. So then I got bumped down to being an alternate. Obviously it’s still a good experience. I wasn’t going to say, “no” to it. I went down to Orlando for the taping as an alternate and I found out when I got to the WWE Performance Center that I was in the tournament again. It was an emotional rollercoaster. I came in to the WWE Performance Center with a bit of a chip on my shoulder. I was like, “alternate?” It all worked out. I was there and they saw I was serious and I think there were a total of six or seven alternates. We were all just rolling around the ring. For whatever reason they picked me.

On what he learned while training down in the WWE Performance Center:

MA: Talking to the people that are down there it made one thing very, very clear to me that was not very clear to me at all prior to going to do there: They are watching everything. They have guys there whose sole job is to watch what the independents are doing. Wrestling is in it’s boom season right now. I came back and everyone who is asking me for advice I tell them, “Now is the time. Step up your game. Get in shape. Get the best possible gear. Figure out what you want to be. Who you want to be.” The best advice is, “Present yourself as you would like them to see you.” A lot of guys are like, “Ohhh, you know, if I could do it differently I would do it differently.” Well then go do that. They are hiring. It’s wrestling boom season. So many things are moving around with the WWE Draft. Guys from NXT getting called up and whatnot. There’s opportunity there. There’s no excuse now. I didn’t really realize that until talking with Triple H and Regal. Now is the time. They are looking for guys to come out here and perform and they are hiring. I am not going to say who but in the next couple of months you will see some pretty well known independent guys tearing it up down there. 

WrestleZone Radio also released the following exclusive video of Freelance Wrestling stars invading the Vans Warped Tour stage during Four Year Strong’s set: