Magnus Talks To Eric Bischoff About The Recent UK Pro Wrestling Renaissance, Praises ICW & Rev Pro

The latest episode of Eric Bischoff’s new weekly podcast Bischoff on Wrestling has officially been released on iTunes &!

The second half of this episode features Eric airing the first half of his interview with his first ever guest Nick Aldis (aka Magnus). 

You can find the full episode in the embedded audio player above as well as some of his comments transcribed below.

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EB: I’m heading over to the UK this month and I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s been going on in the UK for the last several months. It really seems to be, at least to me, like it’s a market that’s really exploding.

NA: There’s a renaissance going on for sure. It’s almost old news at this point. It’s been such an explosion of great shows and companies more importantly. It’s more about the promotions that have taken the opportunity and broken out as the leaders in terms of branding. It’s staggering and it’s so exciting to see companies like ICW and Rev Pro most of all. They’re the ones that are really pushing the envelope as far as big, big venues and talent. Going live like ICW just did a show on It’s great for all the boys. I’m seeing all these guys who didn’t necessarily get the opportunities that someone like I did got. Now it’s not as important because they have a scene of their own and they’re all taking the opportunity and making the most of it.

In the full episode Eric goes deeper in to his thoughts on the Cruiserweight Classic as well as WWE’s decision to bring back the Cruiserweight division in general.

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