nxt takeover brooklyn

WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn Results (8/20): Ember Moon and Bobby Roode Debut, All NXT Titles on the Line, New Champion Crowned!

wwe nxt takeoverWWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn Results

August 20th, 2016

Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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No Way Jose vs Austin Aries

Jose tries to lock up with Aries, but Aries avoids him. Aries goes behind Jose with a waist lock and takes Jose down to the mat. Aries slaps Jose’s back and laughs. Jose gets up and stares down Aries. Aries tries to shake Jose’s hand. Jose punches Aries in the face. Jose slaps Aries in the back, then steps on Aries’ head. Jose adds a little shimmy for good measure. Aries avoids a haymaker from Jose by rolling out of the ring. Jose follows, but Aries sprints away. Aries gets back in the ring and Jose levels him with a stiff right hand. Jose attempts to set up what looks like a top rope Samoan drop, but Aries reverses it and drops Jose neck first on the top turnbuckle. Aries stomps on Jose and hits a running elbow. Aries lands a back elbow off the second rope to the back of Jose’s head for a two count. Aries locks in a rear chin lock. Jose tries to fight out of it but Aries drops him to the mat. Jose fires up again and sends Aries to the outside. 

Aries climbs up on the apron, but before he can get in the ring Jose slams him head first on each turnbuckle. Jose tries to drag Aries back in the ring but Aries holds onto the bottom rope. Aries manages to hit a knee breaker into a back suplex. Aries puts Jose in the Last Chancery, but Jose gets to the ropes. Aries punches Jose in the face, then hits the ropes a roaring elbow. Jose ducks and hits a TKO for a two count. Jose sets up his half nelson slam, but Aries sends him to the outside. Diving topé by Aries. Aries calls for the brainbuster, but Jose reverses it into a modified falcon arrow for a long two count. Aries hits the roaring elbow, but Jose hits the ropes and turns Aries inside out with a lariat. Jose tries his finisher again, but Aries backs him into the corner. Aries crucifix bombs Jose for another near fall. Diving corner dropkicks by Aries for another two count. Aries goes up top, but Jose cuts him off and uppercuts him. Jose mounts the top rope and they trade punches. Aries hits a sunset flip bomb off the top into the Last Chancery for the win!

Winner- Austin Aries

After the match, Aries attacks Jose. Hideo Itami comes to make the save. Itami hits the KENTA combo, followed but the GO TO SLEEEEEEEEEP! Aries is out like a light.