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Johnny Mundo Talks About His Rivalry With Prince Puma, “I Think It Has Really Defined Lucha Underground”

This past week’s episode of WZ Weekly featured an exclusive interview with Lucha Underground’s Johnny Mundo.

You can find some of Johnny’s comments transcribed below. A new episode of WZ Weekly will be released this Wednesday featuring interviews with TNA Superstar “Broken” Matt Hardy & Smith Hart.

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On who in Lucha Underground he feels he has gelled with the most and done the best work with:

JM: It’s hard for me to pick just one. The rivalry between Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma I think has really defined Lucha Underground. We were the first main event. We’ve had this on going rivalry through the first two seasons and it continues in to the third. Our chemistry is off the chain. If anyone has ever seen us wrestle you know that I have a good time. Especially since Puma can do anything. Creatively there are no limits to what you can do in the ring.

Some of the topics discussed at the top of this week’s WZ Weekly include:

  • TJ Perkins as the Cruiserweight Classic champion
  • Randy Orton, Luke Harper, Paige & Eva Marie’s returns to the ring
  • All of the rumors surrouding the potential sale of TNA Wrestling
  • Brandi Rhodes being signed to TNA as a wrestler
  • More…

This week’s episode then features the debut of pro wrestling personality Joe Dombrowski as WZ Weekly’s first Field Correspondent. Joe is busy every weekend working on the independent pro wrestling scene as a play by play commentator, ring announcer, content producer, booker and all around jack of all trades.

Each week WZ Weekly will be airing one interview that Joe sends back from his exploits on the road. Joe’s debut interview will feature Ring of Honor World Champion Adam Cole.

After Joe’s interview with Adam Nick & Kid jump back in to the news of the week and a few of the topics of discussion in “the back page” this week include:

  • John Cena being pinned for the first time in seven years on Smackdown
  • WWE RAW going up against the NFL and the Presidential debates next Monday night
  • Reports that Summer Rae is dealing with injuries
  • Paul Heyman Guy career mode in the new WWE 2K17
  • Terry Funk’s recent House of Hardcore appearance
  • More…

Nick then plays his first of two interviews for this week’s episode of WZ Weely. It features Lucha Underground’s Johnny Mundo opening up to Nick about:

  • What convinced him to join Lucha Underground
  • Whether or not he and Lucha Underground ever considered putting him under a mask
  • His work in the LA improv scene and how it has affected the work he is doing in Lucha Underground
  • The other members of the Lucha Underground roster that have joined him in the LA improv scene
  • What to expect from Johnny Mundo in Season 3 of Lucha Underground
  • More…

Kid then tags back in to chat with Nick one last time and preview the full card for this Sunday’s Clash of Champions.

Nick’s second interview features one of the film makers for the recently released short documentary Hart Still Beating, Kurt Spenrath.

You can listen to more pro wrestling audio from WrestleZone Radio in the embedded audio player below: