johnny impact
Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

Johnny Impact’s 5 Best Matches

Johnny Impact has gone under many names. John Morrison, Johnny Nitro, Johnny Mundo and now Johnny Impact. He made a big name in his WWE days but there’s no doubt that he falls under the category of underrated performers. Apart from just having a great look and a fantastic move set, what Johnny Impact has done is constantly reinvent himself and adapt to the changes in promotions in order to market himself better.

He’s one of the handfuls of people who escaped the WWE Tough Enough curse (being one of the few performers in the competition’s history that’s actually had a successful career) and proved even after leaving WWE that he could adapt and make a name for himself. If anything, leaving WWE benefitted him more as he got huge opportunities and became a big star in every promotion he wrestled.

His impressive athleticism and physique has ensured that he’s had crossover success as well, even having an acting career and being a stuntman. But we’ll always know him as The Shaman Of Sexy and The Guru Of Greatness. Let’s look at his five most impressive matches.

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