Sean Waltman Calls AAA Unprofessional, Talks WWE Possibly Buying TNA Library, Molly Holly on Who Helped Her Gain Early Confidence

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A brand new episode of Sean Waltman’s X-Pac 1,2,360 with special guests Molly Holly and Shawn Daivari is now available on iTunes and YouTube. In this exclusive interview Molly talks about training The WCW Nitro Girls, her early years with Lanny Poffo and Dean Malenko, and more. Plus Sean describes his experience with AAA, and reveals something that happened for the first time while shooting this show. You can watch the show in the video player below or listen at this link, and below are some highlights.

Sean talks hanging out with current WWE Superstars on their recent stop in L.A.:

They do it differently now. They’re not eating a handful of pills and washing it down with booze. Guys are healthy now. Pretty much, you’re healthy or you’re not going to work there. Bottom line. So I’m happy about that, and I’m happy everybody’s getting along and loves each other.

Sean’s thoughts on WWE’s purchase of the TNA tape library:

I think it’s the best scenario that could’ve played out, for everyone. It’s a win/win for both parties, because the TNA brand is just so tainted. There are a lot of guys that are currently there that probably wouldn’t get picked up or brought back to WWE. So it’s great that there’s still going to be that place for them. They’ll be able to build a brand from scratch and hopefully do it the right way. I have a lot of faith in Billy Corgan, that he’s going to do a really good job. So I think this is going to be a good thing for the industry as a whole.

Sean compares his experience with AAA to Del Rio’s bizarre experience:

AAA has a lot of nerve to respond like that. I’ve worked with them. I know them very well, I’m going to say, their boss Dorian [Roldan]. On this show I’m really going to do my best not to go negative. But in this case this guy is so unprofessional and disrespects his talent so much, makes people wait hours outside his office for meetings, and these people they can’t complain because they’re afraid they’ll lose their jobs.

Sean reveals that his interview with Molly Holly and Shawn Daivari was so interesting that he didn’t want to stop to take a bathroom break:

Full disclosure, I gotta let everybody know—I pissed my pants during this interview…It’s the first time I’ve ever pissed myself in this type of situation. In thistype of situation, not the first time ever.

Molly Holly talks early training:

I had been wanting to get into Dean Malenko’s school, and at the time he was saying, no I’m not training any more girls. I’ve been there, done that. I want nothing to do with it. And so I was just working the indies around Tampa and I got booked just to do a dark match with WCW and Dean Malenko saw me wrestle Malia Hosaka. He pulled me aside and he said, if you want to come down to my school you can. And I needed it, you know? I was horribly green. There was so much I didn’t know. And so Dean let me come to his school, and every now and then Eddie Guerrerowould stop in. And so I’d say I got most of my skilled training from Dean Malenko.

Molly on training The Nitro Girls:

When I was training at the [WCW] Power Plant that’s when a lot of the Nitro Girls were being forced into becoming wrestlers, and I would put down the crash pads and show them on the crash pads and there were a few old-timers that were like, oh they’re not paying their dues, this is crap, they should be taking the bumps just like everyone else. I’m like, first of all they don’t even want to be wrestlers. They want to just earn a living and they’re being forced from going to being dancers to models to being wrestlers. Why would I hurt them? Why would I intentionally be giving them concussions? So I’m a fan of doing things safe and I know that almost all of my concussions definitely happened before I got to the television level of professional wrestling. So I don’t want anybody to be messed up for life because they wanted to follow their dream and their passion.

Molly reveals who helped her gain confidence in her early years:

I honestly was totally happy doing biker bar shows in Tampa and wrestling at VFWs in front of fifty people. I didn’t really see myself as anything more than that. So when people kept encouraging me and giving me opportunities and kind of pushing me out there, Lanny Poffo would force me. He goes, get your gear, go to the show and say, I’m here to do jobs for your stars. He’s like, you get your face out there, and I’m like, well I don’t know. I feel stupid. He’s like, you can do it, you can do it. So it was through the encouragement of others I was like, wow maybe I really can be on TV.

Check out the full interview for all that, plus Sean’s insight on the week’s top sports entertainment headlines, and more with Molly Holly and Shawn Daivari. It’s all on this brand new episode of X-Pac 1,2,360!