Lucha Underground Results (11/9) – Grave Consequences Tres, Famous B vs Mascarita Sagrada


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Lucha Underground Results

November 9th, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Mil Muertes & Catrina Segment: 

Mil has defeated Prince Puma before, but now Catrina wants Puma gasping for air as his life leaves his body just like she’s seen it before. Catrina says that if Mil leaves again, she’ll never bring him back. Mil Muertes stands up in a fit of rage.

First Match: Famous B w/Brenda and Dr. Wagner vs. Mascarita Sagrada w/Son of Havoc in a Believer’s Backlash Match 

Famous B hops off the ring apron after the bell rings. Sagrada throws soda into the face of Famous B. Sagrada puts on a football helmet and shoulder pads and proceeds to tackle Famous B. Sagrada brings out a mini ladder from under the ring. Sagrada puts the ladder on the announcer’s table. Sagrada with a flying elbow drop off the top of the ladder. Brenda distracts Sagrada. Famous B drops Sagrada with a vicious SuperKick. Famous B grabs a massive bag of popcorn. Sagrada snatches the bag away from Famous B and popcorn is flying everywhere.

Famous B irish whips Sagrada face first into the garbage can. Famous B puts Sagrada in the garbage can. Sagrada hits Famous B in the head with a trash can lid. Famous B responds with a big boot. Famous B sends Sagrada sternum first into one of the walls in the temple. Famous B brings a toolbox, a sneaker, a rope and a wizard wand into the ring. Famous B goes into the toolbox and brings out a chain, a wrench and arrogance. Famous B tries to hit Sagrada with arrogance, but Sagrada sends Famous B face first to the top turnbuckle. Sagrada sprays arrogance into Famous B’s eyes.