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WWE NXT Results (12/21): Huge Fatal Four-Way Main Event, New Number One Contender Crowned!

NXT_coverageWWE NXT Results

December 21st, 2016

Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Billie Kay w/Peyton Royce vs Daria Berenato

Berenato takes Kay down. Kay gets to the ropes. Berenato lands a sliding basement elbow. Berenato moves too close to the ropes, which allows Royce to reach for her leg to trip her up. Kay attacks Berenato from behind. Modified Japanese arm drag by Kay for a two count. Berenato punches Kay in the face. Berenato kicks Kay in the stomach. Berenato takes off her gloves and hits a 20 hit combo in the corner. Berenato attempts a Superman punch, but Royce pulls Kay out of the ring. Berenato rolls Kay back in the ring. Royce attacks Berenato from behind. Royce rolls Berenato back into the ring. Kay boots Berenato in the face for the win.

Winner- Billie Kay

After the match, Kay and Royce grab microphones. Everyone in the crowd is yelling “No!” (I am not making that up, it really happened. Kay says what they just did was a lesson to everyone in the division. Royce adds that Asuka says she doesn’t have any competition, but she is looking at her competition.