TNA Impact Wrestling Results (1/5): It’s A Hardy’s Fact of Life, Spud Quits, Edwards/EC3/Lashley For The World Title

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

January 5th, 2017 

Report By Joshua Lopez for 

Eddie Edwards, Ethan Carter III and Bobby Lashley In-Ring Segment: 

A Live Impact Wrestling from Orlando, Florida is a great way to start 2017. Honestly, Edwards is humbled to be your World Heavyweight Champion. Edwards is not stupid he knows there’s a massive target on his back. Impact Wrestling was born on competition, challenging yourself and proving that you are the very best. 2017 is a new beginning and 2017 should be the year for, Impact Wrestling.

Edwards didn’t come empty handed. Edwards has a surprise for the Wolves Nation. Bobby Lashley comes out to interrupt Edwards. Lashley has had enough with Edwards soliloquies. The only surprise in 2017 is the fact Edwards is still the TNA Champion. Lashley is tired of playing games. 2017 will be the year of Lashley. He’s going to be delivering ass kickings worldwide and Edwards will be the first victim. Lashley is tired of being screwed over. Lashley wants his title rematch, so they can finish this once and for all.

EC3 joins the conversation. EC3 gives the anthem sports logo a thumbs up. Lashley calls EC3 a cheerleader. EC3 smelled the tension from the back. EC3 says that Edwards is acting so white bread right now, it’s disgusting. EC3 reflects on his 2016. There’s back and forth EC3/Eddie chants. Lashley now has to fight two cheerleaders. EC3 calls Lashley, Robert Lashley. EC3 also wants his world title rematch, tonight. Lashley says that EC3 should mind his own business. Edwards grants EC3 and Lashley their rematch. The main event will be a triple threat match. Don’t forget, Edwards still has a special surprise for everybody.