Figure Friday: WWE Elite 48 Dean Ambrose (Photos)

Hey guys! Welcome to another installment of Figure Friday! Today we look at the “Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose from WWE Elite 48! This series is currently only available on, where I got mine!

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Looking at Dean in the packaging you can see he comes with several accessories, which is nice considering it’s not the most exciting figure only because he has such a simple look. He, too, comes with a diorama piece and stand to build a backstage backdrop. You need to collect everyone in the set to build it. This figure is based off of some moment on RAW even though he’s on SmackDown Live now, which is kind of weird. If I recall, several people complained about the inaccuracy of that, but perhaps his next Elite will have the SmackDown Live logo on it. Also in this set are Boogeyman, Dolph Ziggler, Kalisto, Erick Rowan and Cactus Jack.

Looking at Dean out of the packaging you can see he’s wearing one of his signature Dean Ambrose T-shirts, which is made out of cloth. You can remove it, as there’s Velcro on the back that fastens it to him. Just undo the Velcro strip on the back and pull each sleeve over his arms to remove it. He also comes with the very first 3-sided WWE microphone, which is a nice touch. I’m glad Mattel updated the microphones finally as now WWE uses the 3-sided versions. He also comes with a fire extinguisher, which is a bit random but goes along with his whole crazy, hardcore gimmick. It’s a nice accessory if you never got one in the past.

Once Dean is removed from the cloth shirt you can see he’s wearing his black tank top, which is long overdue. His last Elite like this had the gray one, practically looking identical to this one. This one has his crazy lunatic head scan with his tongue sticking out, too. This is an older head scan, but it does look a lot like him in my opinion. I love the frazzled hair, but I’m not a fan of open-mouthed scans. I may end up swapping the head with his previous Elite in the painted shirt with the serious scan. Anyway, taking a look at the rest of him he has his taped hands, a perforated belt, which is very detailed and nicely done. Then you can see the detail in his jeans with the stitching and wrinkles to make them look more authentic. Besides that there’s really not much else to this figure. It’s very simple, but effective to make an updated Ambrose.

Overall, I’d say it’s an okay figure. He has all the typical Elite articulation, which is great. I’m happy to have him in his black tank top finally, too. I would’ve preferred the other head scan or even a newer one if possible, but it’s fine as I said earlier I could always swap it. Personally I’m not the biggest Ambrose fan but the figure is decent. If you missed out on his older Elite 36 one this is a nice update, plus you get some nice accessories with this one. I’m sure his next Elite will come with the IC title. Anyway, if you are interested in adding him to your collection be sure to pick him up currently on

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