Nia Jax Comments On Her New, First WWE Action Figure (Photos)

The other day had the wrestling action figure community and even non-collectors raving about the first images of Nia Jax’s new action figure releasing in WWE Series 72, which you can pre-order on Ringside if you’re eager to get it.

Nia herself commented on the figure and what it means to her on Instagram:

I’m blown away that I actually have an official action figure! I absolutely LOVE that it is anatomically correct! Shows off all my curves. Yes, I have curves & yes I am an athlete & YES I am beautiful! Growing up playing with barbies it was hard to relate to the stick skinny dolls that I played with. Now I am a curvy action figure that young girls who are #NotLikeMost can play & relate to!

Many are saying this is arguably one of the best female wrestling action figures ever produced as Mattel put a lot of effort into perfecting her unique physique as well as perfecting her head scan, which sometimes can make or break a figure.

What do you think of Nia’s first figure? Will you be picking it up?

Look for a future review of this figure on Figure Friday!