WWE Wrestlemania 33 Superstore Exclusive Basic AJ Styles Action Figure Review (Photos)

Hey guys, welcome to an exclusive review of the Wrestlemania 33 Superstore Basic AJ Styles action figure! You get a bonus review this week if you’re wondering why this is early. This figure seems to have only been available so far at the Wrestlemania Superstore. Special thanks to our own Bill Pritchard for helping me get this figure as I was unable to go to the event.

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That being said this figure, for a Basic, is honestly pretty nice. I liked it more once I took it out of the packaging. There’s nobody else in this series, as it’s like a signature series where it’s just a one off figure. On the back you can see a large image of AJ and his signature. This figure was rumored to be on WWEShop.com eventually after Mania but I don’t believe it’s surfaced there yet. Perhaps it will eventually but I’m not sure honestly as I haven’t heard anything about it since. For any potential updates on that be sure to follow my Wrestling Figure News Twitter.

Looking at AJ out of the box you can see he’s in his red tights, which is a nice change from the black tights his previous Elite and Basic are wearing. At first I felt the attire was kind of plain, which it still is to an extent, but the logos on his tights as well as the detail in general are nice. “Styles” wraps around his right leg while the P1 logo is on his left leg. He has his tattoo on his abdomen with all the dates underneath it as well as the P1 logo on his right kick pad, which is another great detail. Even the back of his kick pads have designs, which is awesome. I was honestly impressed with it once I removed it from the packaging as I said before. The details on it make it pop and I’m sure it’ll be sought after seeing how difficult it was to obtain his first Basic at first. I wish it had an elbow pad on his right arm but other than that I don’t have any complaints really.

Overall, I’d say it’s a decent figure. If you’re more into Elites, much like I am, you may want to just keep this figure mint on card if you like to collect AJ figures. If you collect Basics I recommend picking it up as it’s a nice variation attire for AJ compared to his other figures, plus the red attire really makes it pop on display. If you’re looking to pick it up check out eBay and see if it’s reasonable on there otherwise stick to WWEShop if it should ever surface. I don’t imagine it completely sold out at Mania but you never know being how in demand AJ figures have been lately.

Anyway, look for a new Figure Friday review this Friday showcasing the WWE Elite 49 Becky Lynch figure! If you’d like to keep up with myself and my latest wrestling figure projects be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

Thanks and I’ll see you on Friday!