Extreme-Sets.com Action Figure Locker-Room Pop Up (Photos)

If you’re unfamiliar with Extreme-Sets.com, they make highly detailed pop up backdrops/environments for 6-inch scale action figures. They make the backstage sets and arena sets you have most likely seen in my photos as well as many other non-wrestling ones. Today we take a look at the brand new Locker-Room set, one that fits well for a WWE style locker-room.

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I was excited to get this set as it’s a great addition to my photography and overall wrestling figure setup. The cool thing about these are that they’re made completely out of cardboard, making them great for storage purposes as you can just fold them up and put them away if need be. It’s also quite fascinating how you can make such an elaborate set out of pieces of cardboard combined. This set even has bars to hang their clothes from, which are made out of coffee stirrer straws, but you’d never know that looking at it. For any action figure collector, especially those who collect wrestling or sports figures, this Locker-Room set is a great display or play piece.

In this set you get two full lockers, containing three cubicles per each. They are separate so you can move them/display them however you choose, giving figure photographers and displayers a ton of freedom. There’s wooden designs and even fake cabinets, cushions and other details to make it look real for your action figures, as seen above. Since this set is 3D versus the typical 2D styles, it is a little complicated to assemble. All it requires is folding, not glue or cutting. I recommend, as does Extreme-Sets in the box, that you watch the tutorial video below to help you assemble it as just folding it incorrectly can create problems, which is why the corners on mine tore a bit, which can simply be fixed with some glue.

Be sure to check out Extreme-Sets.com for some awesome throwback WWE stages, arena sets and backstage sets or even just other environments for your wrestling and non-wrestling action figures. I do use their stuff a lot as I’m sure you can tell as it really does help you create the full arena look for your figures. If you decide to order any be sure to use my code MBG1211 to save you 10% on your order!

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