Figure Friday: WWE Elite 50 Baron Corbin (Photos)

Welcome to Figure Friday! Today we look at the “Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin from WWE Elite 50! Thanks to everyone who voted on my Twitter this week, I really appreciate it! Look for a new poll tomorrow for next week’s review. I got my Corbin Elite from as this set is not in stores yet, so if you want it now, especially during their current sale, I recommend picking him up there.

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That being said let’s take a look at Corbin in the packaging. He’s in the typical Elite style packaging with the SmackDown Live logo as it’s based off of one of his appearances there. I feel this is based off of one of his early appearances as he has the vest with the skull shoulder pads as well as no shirt or elbow pads. On the sides and back of the box are images of him, statistics as well as who else is in the set, which includes: Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon, Rhyno, John Cena and Warlord. Not a bad set honestly as it has some great looking figures in it, which you can vote for to be reviewed on here.

Looking at Corbin out of the packaging you can see it’s not the most recent look for him as there’s no shirt or elbow pads, as said earlier. The figure still looks really nice, though. The entrance vest is really cool as there’s a ton of detail on it. The skull shoulder pads are a sweet touch as well as all the chains and buckles. It’s just a really cool entrance attire. When removing the vest just be careful as it’s a thicker rubber, so remove it slowly otherwise you could end up ruining it or the figure if you’re not careful. It has a latch in the middle to help you secure it/remove it. His head scan is the same as his Basic figures previously released and it looks just like him in my opinion. The detail in his tattoo work is fantastic as well, not to mention the detail on his tights. Mattel put a nice effort into this figure honestly. He seems a little thin to me but I know he’s not the bulkiest guy. Not to mention he has the typical Elite articulation and none of his movement is restricted either. He also comes with a diorama piece to build a backdrop of the WWE Performance Center, which can be combined with every figure in the set to make a unique display stand for the series.

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I happen to be a fan of Corbin so I was excited to get this figure of him. It was long overdue honestly and they did a great job on it. Just the detail really makes it pop. In my photo above you can see I added a shirt, made by Ring Bling Customs on Facebook, as well as some elbow pads as he kind of looks naked without them now. I think these additions make the figure pop that much more if you wanted to update him. I do recommend this figure as it’s just really well done. As mentioned earlier you can get him on Ringside right now if you don’t want to wait, much like me who likes knowing I have my figures right away than having to search for them at the store.

Thanks for tuning in this week! Look for a new episode of Figure 2 Photo on Monday showing the making of the Deep Six photo above on the WrestleZone Facebook and YouTube pages. Don’t forget to vote in my new poll for next week’s review as I have obtained even more new figures since writing this! To keep up with my latest wrestling figure projects and the latest figure news be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

Thanks and I’ll see you next week!