Impact Wrestling Results (5/25): New Number One Contender Crowned, and More!

impact_coverageImpact Wrestling Results

May 25th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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In Ring Segment: Bruce Prichard w/Tyrus

Prichard says that he is an official Impact Wrestling. Due to the assault, he suffered from EC3 last week he has been given protection in the form of Tyrus. EC3’s actions are under review and will be addressed later. Prichard wants to move on to more important things, mainly the Impact Championship. Lashley comes to the ring and says he is the most dominant wrestler on the planet. He doesn’t care about the games that are being played. It doesn’t matter who wins the match tonight. Lashley simply wants to know who he will be facing at Slammiversary. EC3 comes to the ring and tells Lashley that spoiler alert he will win tonight and at the PPV. EC3 will be the EC3time Impact champion.

Magnus comes out and says Lashley has never been in the ring with him so he has no idea what he is in for when he faces him at Slammiversary. James Storm walks out on the ramp and says if anyone deserves to face Lashley at Slammiversary it should be him. Lashley mocks Storm. Storm tells Lashley he doesn’t understand why Lashley has a big body and a little bitty head. Storm tells Lashley and Prichard to get out of the ring so he can beat the hell out of Magnus and EC3. Prichard cuts Storm off and says if any of the triple threat participants touch each other the match is off. EC3 gets in Storm’s face and makes faces as we cut to commercial.