Sonny Onoo Tells Eric Bischoff About His Recent Trip To The NJPW Offices; Says He Pitched Eric For A Project

The latest episode of former WCW President Eric Bischoff’s Bischoff on Wrestling Overrun podcast was released last night following RAW via the BoW podcast feed. It features Eric chatting with his long time friend and former WCW performer Sonny Onoo.

A new Overrun featuring former WWE Superstar Brooklyn Brawler will be released exclusively on this Wednesday night. It will be available via the general BoW podcast feed next Monday night.

You can find some of Sonny and I’s comments transcribed below.

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SO: New Japan is now owned by BushiRoad. I went to their office about a month ago. This guy by the name of Hanazawa is in charge of New Japan’s version of kickboxing called KNOCK OUT. During that conversation with their executives one of the things I did I told the story of the first time I went to a Japanese wrestling office with Eric Bischoff. I said, “One of the reasons we came there was to share our idea about having a kickboxing deal with them.” Here I am twenty years later talking to New Japan who just launched a kickboxing program on their TV shows. You talk about being ahead of our time.

NH: Is it going to be like what Pride used to do?

SO: It’s the same company that owned it but they promote it separately. It’s called KNOCK OUT. It’s funny, Eric, because when I told them this story I said, “If you ever want to bring the product to the United States you might want to see if you can reach out to Eric Bischoff. He’d be a great guy to do commentary on that show with since we have such history.” Who knows?

Some of the other topics they discuss during the Overrun include:

  • How Sonny turned Eric on to sushi
  • Why it’s weird getting older and going to strip clubs
  • Their memories from their bizarre trip to North Korea for The Collision In Korea w/ Muhammad Ali
  • Sonny’s take on NJPW expanding into the United States and what Japanese wrestling fans want
  • Vince Russo eliminating Japanese wrestlers from WCW TV and the subsequent lawsuit that Sonny was apart of
  • Eric as a kickboxer and why other kickboxers were scared of him
  • If Sonny thinks Eric could have taken Vince McMahon in a fight
  • Sonny’s recent trip to the NJPW offices
  • More…

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This past week’s episode of Bischoff on Wrestling features Eric and Nick taking an in-depth look at his recent WWE Network Table For 3 special with Jim Cornette and Michael PS Hayes. Including:

  • What it was like being on set with Jim Cornette after the terrible things Jim has said about him
  • If Eric was familiar with why Jim didn’t like him
  • How Eric dealt with backstage “stooges” in WCW
  • Why he hates Vince Russo
  • What the independent pro wrestling scene was like when Eric launched the WCW Power Plant
  • What other concepts from WCW Eric is proud of
  • If Eric feels responsible for the “cool heel”
  • Whether Roman Reigns can be a real old school heel
  • More…

Eric then answers questions from the #BischoffOnWrestling mailbag regarding:

  • Whose promos Eric enjoyed listening to the most in WCW
  • How he would have ended the nWo angle
  • If there was ever a push in WCW to do business deals, recruit talent or do live events in Puerto Rico
  • If it’s true WCW’s PPV profits went to Time Warner and not WCW
  • Whether featuring Eric backstage before the “shocking” hug with Vince on RAW took away from his debut
  • The idea of a tag team Money In The Bank Ladder Match
  • Hulk Hogan’s hair peace at Halloween Havoc 96
  • If undefeated streaks mean less now than before
  • Why the proposed WCW deal with NBC in late 98 didn’t work out
  • More…