Impact Wrestling Results (7/6): El Patron Defends Against Lashley, LAX Welcomes a New Member!

slammiversaryImpact Wrestling Results

July 6th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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LAX kicks off the show in their hideout. Konnan says tonight they are going to announce the newest member of LAX.

In Ring Segment: Alberto El Patron

El Patron walks to the ring with is father Dos Caras and his brother. El Patron says tonight we party. Tonight we celebrate. Latinos do not need a reason to party. For those who know El Patron, they know he knows how to throw a great party. Tonight is a family affair. El Patron says his brother will be joining Impact Wrestling soon. El Patron puts over his father as a legend and says he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. Last week El Patron had the most difficult fight in his life. If it wasn’t for the support of the people, El Patron may have given up. Bobby Lashley gave El Patron the toughest fight of his life. El Patron says Lashley is a tough SOB but he is standing here now as the undisputed champion. Since El Patron is the champion, he is going to defend the title against anyone who wants a shot. It doesn’t matter if you are old, new, in the crowd of from another company. Come and get it.

Lashley comes down to the ring and calls El Patron a huge egomaniac. Lashley makes fun of El Patron’s party. Lashley knocks over the champagne El Patron had laid out. Lashley says El Patron’s win was a fluke. Lashley says El Patron should be embarrassed to be out here after a fluke win. Lashley asks if El Patron’s brother and father are even allowed to be here. Lashley says he is going to build a wall around them to make sure they stay where they are supposed to be. Dos Caras slaps Lashley in the face. El Patron holds back Dos Caras and his brother. Lashley says Dos Caras hits harder than El Patron. El Patron tells Lashley if he wants a shot he can have it tonight. Referees hit the ring and separate everyone.