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Al Snow On Which Is A More Ridiculous Gimmick Match: The Punjabi Prison or The Kennel From Hell?

WrestleZone proudly presented the latest episode of our signature daily pro wrestling news podcast, WZ Daily, earlier today on Eric Bischoff’s!

Today’s episode features an exclusive interview with former WWE Superstar Al Snow.  You can find some of his comments transcribed below.

Al’s appearance is conjunction with the launch of his new Collar x Elbow athletic apparel line. You can find the powerful promotional video he released for CxE embedded at the bottom of this post.

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On which is the more ridiculous gimmick match, The Punjabi Prison or The Kennel From Hell:

AS: I would have to say the Kennel From Hell simply because a lot of people ask me about it and I always answer with the same thing. Number one, anyone in entertainment knows the two things you don’t work with are animals or children. Hell, even people in porn know that. You’re always going to get upstaged. Whether in a bad way or a good way you’re going to get upstaged. Two, you definitely do not work with animals unless they are HIGHLY trained animals. You literally have a situation where you make the entire story about the animals. Then you bring in animals that aren’t trained at all and then you wonder why it didn’t succeed. I’d have much rather done the Punjabi Prison. Let me tell you that would have been a lot easier and a lot more predictable then building a story around a bunch of animals that aren’t trained and just urinate, defecate and fornicate.

The WZ Daily is released Monday-Friday around Noon EST on Eric Bischoff’s!

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Today’s episode of WZ Daily is hosted by Nick Hausman and features Chair Shot Reality’s Justin LaBar as his co-host.

The pro wrestling news topics from the last twenty-four hours that Nick & Justin discuss include:

  • The SummerSlam RAW main event officially being announced
  • Roman Reigns and John Cena teasing heat on Twitter
  • Kevin Owens‘ United States Championship win reportedly being decided shortly before or during the match
  • Johnny Mundo being advertised for an upcoming Impact Wrestling live event
  • The Rock partnering with Apple for new mini-film

Today’s episode also features an exclusive interview with former WWE Superstar Al Snow. During the interview Al discusses:

  • His new Collar x Elbow athletic clothing brand
  • What inspired him to jump into the already competitive and crowded pro wrestling apparel market
  • Donating a portion of CxE’s proceeds to the Cauliflower Alley Club
  • The strange food he used to eat while training because he didn’t have any money
  • How a pro wrestler measures their value
  • Which is the worse gimmick match: The Kennel From Hell or The Punjabi Prison?
  • Comparisons he draws between NJPW and the old Florida Championship Wrestling territory
  • His recent tweet about how fan’s should try to be experts getting him heat
  • What led to his recent Impact Wrestling departure
  • More…