Figure Friday: SH Figuarts WWE Kane & Undertaker (Photos)

Welcome to Figure Friday! Today we take a look at the brand new SH Figuarts WWE Kane and Undertaker figures, some of the best action figures in the WWE Figuarts line by Bandai! These are currently available on, where I got mine, and now you can save 10% on any order with code MBG at checkout!

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Looking at both of them in the packaging you can see they have a somewhat larger package style compared to that of Steve Austin, The Rock and Triple H, also available in the series. To me the size difference is nice, making the presentation a bit better, but also may be frustrating to mint collectors as now these two don’t quite match with the others. Regardless, the color schemes on each, the taglines and even the images are pretty cool, making them great for display mint or loose.

Taking a look at Kane first, my favorite figure of the two, you can see the impeccable amount of detail on him. They really knocked him out of the park in my opinion. I love the detail on his attire, the fact it’s even molded than just painted on is fantastic. From the belt buckles to the mesh on his tights to the shininess of his boots, it’s just awesome. He comes with three unmasked heads and one masked head. His long hair is split in two, I imagine for posing purposes as he only has one masked head. I was little bummed he only has one expressive masked head as it would’ve been nice to have some different expressions with him masked, but it is what it is. The sculpt are pretty decent, too. Not really a fan of the looking to the side sculpts, not sure what that’s all about, but they still look a lot like him for the most part. My favorite head would be the masked one though if I had to choose.

He also has interchangeable hands, some that open and close as well as fixed open hands mimicking his flame taunt from his entrance, which is pretty cool. Just be patient swapping them as he has super tiny pegs that hold them in place. Since these retail for a lot, due to them being imported, be patient with them. He also comes with a towel accessory as well that you can put on his unmasked head sculpts. It fits pretty snug so you don’t have to worry about it falling off or anything. Overall, he’s a fantastic figure. The detail makes him just such an awesome figure, which I highly recommend for any Kane fan or WWE action figure collector.

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Moving on to Undertaker, also a pretty decent figure although he has some drawbacks, you can see the amount of detail on him. Bandai did a pretty good job on him, but most complaints come from the fact he’s missing a lot of detail regarding his tattoos. His arm sleeves are just on the front portion of his arms versus the under side, not to mention he has no graphics on his legs, making the figure pretty plain. Don’t get me wrong the figure is still nice. His head sculpts are pretty well done and the detail on them are nice, but it’s hard to have an Undertaker without all of his tattoos. I’m not sure why they left them off, perhaps a budgeting issue, but it is noticeable as Undertaker is not Undertaker without them. He also some great detail on his gloves, something the Mattel figures lack, which is a nice touch. He has some hidden tattoos on both sides of neck, one not pictured as I noticed it afterward, but those are a nice touch as well.

Undertaker’s hair splits in two, hence why his extra heads have “short” hair as the rest of the hair stays on the body when swapping. He has two white eyed head sculpts, one with his tongue hanging out from his infamous taunt as well as a sculpt looking to the side. Again, not sure why they chose to do those but you have the option. He also has fist hands, hands that open and close as well as a thumb hand to do his neck taunt across his throat. Not to mention he comes with his hat, which is nice, but it’s weird they didn’t include his jacket with as we all know he wears both together.

Overall, both figures are great. Undertaker obviously lacks in some areas, but they’re both decent overall. The quality of these two are a lot better than Rock and Austin in that they don’t fall apart as easily. I’m not sure how Triple H compares as I haven’t opened him yet, but these are definitely a step up and I hope the next ones follow this pattern. These figures are not in scale with Mattel figures as they are a lot smaller, but they should be in scale with one another. Their articulation is so much better as they have a lot more freedom with their added shoulder, waist and other ball joints, making them much easier to pose. They fit in the Mattel/Wicked Cool Toys rings pretty well, too, if you choose to display them that way as seen above. I do recommend these, Kane probably more so than Undertaker, but both are nice. As mentioned earlier you can currently get them on and use my code MBG to save 10% on your order!

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