(Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images)

WWE SummerSlam Results: The New Day [c] vs. The Usos – SD Live Tag Team Championships

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day (c) vs The Usos

Jimmy and Woods kick the match off. Jimmy shoulder blocks Woods. After a tackle drop-down spot, Woods blast Jimmy with an elbow to the face. Jimmy kicks out at two. Woods rips off Jimmy’s shirt and chops him over and over again. Corner splash by Woods. Woods walks into a stiff uppercut by Jimmy. Woods goes to the second rope. Jey distracts Woods from outside the ring. Woods dives off the top into another uppercut from Jimmy. After the break, Jey is working a side headlock on Woods. Woods almost makes it to the corner to tag in Big E. but Jey slams him back down to the mat. Jey sets up Woods for a middle rope superplex. Woods knocks Jey off the apron. Jimmy tries to splash Woods from the apron but Woods avoids it. Missle dropkick by Woods. Woods dives to tag in Big E. but Jimmy pulls Big E. off the apron. Jey drives Woods into the turnbuckle.

The Usos beat Woods down on the outside. Tandem back breaker diving karate chop by the Usos. Woods manages to kick out at two. The Usos wish bone Woods. Jimmy slaps on another rear chin lock. Woods is isolated in the Usos’ corner. Jimmy lands a huge back suplex. Jimmy tries another but Woods counters it into a wheelbarrow face buster. Woods tags in Big E. Big E. hits the ring and suplexes EVERYONE. Big E. calls for his gyrating splash but Jey enziguri him. Jey charges at Big E. and hits a uranage. Big E. powerbombs Woods onto Jey. Woods lifts Big E. up in an electric chair (yes, you read that correctly) and drops him on Jey. Jey kicks out. The Usos catch Big E. with a double spine buster! Big E. kicks out. Running hip attack by Jimmy. Woods tags himself in and superkicks Jimmy. Woods and Big E. hits a uranage into a backstabber!barely barley gets his shoulder off the matt. Woods boots Jey and Jimmy out of the ring. Woods baseballs

Woods baseball slides Jey. Jimmy dives off the barricade onto Woods. Big E. tries a dive but Jimmy superkicks him before he made it through the rope. Jey splashes Big E. on the outside. Jey splashes Woods on the inside. Woods kicks out! Jey walks into a Koji clutch! Jimmy tries to break it up but Big E. holds him by the leg. Jey reverses the clutch into a pin. Woods kicks out. Shining Wizard by Woods. Woods tries the honor roll but Jey catches him in midair. Woods counters and hits a superkick. Woods dives out of the ring and DDTs Jimmy on the floor! The New Day hit the Midnight Hour! Jimmy breaks up the pin! Woods charges at Jimmy but Jimmy tosses Woods clear out of the ring into a Samoan drop by Jey! Kingston tries to check on Woods. Jimmy sends Kingston head first into the ring steps. Big E. spears Jey through the ropes. Big E. goes for the Big Ending. Jey superkicks Big E. Jey superkicks Big E. Jey AND Jimmy superkick Big E. The Usos crush Big E. with duel top rope splashes. Big E. is done.

Winners and NEW Smackdown Tag Team Champions, The Usos!