Figure Friday: WWE Then, Now, Forever Elite Seth Rollins (Photos)

Welcome to Figure Friday! Today we take a look at the Walmart Exclusive WWE Elite Then, Now, Forever Elite Seth Rollins figure! This series is just starting to hit Walmart shelves and has been quite challenging to find for many as of this point, including myself. It should start appearing more prevalent soon so keep checking your local Walmart stores if they haven’t shown up yet.

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That being said, let’s take a look at Seth in the packaging. The TNF boxes have a nice, clean white theme to them, a color scheme I really like as they really stand out on the shelves and in your collection (if you keep them mint). Seth’s box says “Now” as his attire is a more recent look of his although the title he comes with is outdated. On the sides you can see images of him as well as on the back with a mini bio about the moment it’s based on. Also in the set are: Jason Jordan, Chad Gable and Miss Elizabeth.

Once you remove Seth from the packaging you can see it’s a nice figure, I think so at least. Many people complain about his head scan, many saying it looks like Kanyon from WCW, which is quite funny. I can kind of see that. I’m not a big fan of screaming scans but it works in moments like my photo above, hence an action shot. Moving on past the head scan the detail on this figure is pretty great.

His entrance vest fits him pretty well although his belly button hangs out a bit. You can see the Seth Rollins logo on the front as well as other designs to make it look authentic. It’s a thin rubber so it grips onto his body quite well and it fastens in the back, it’s just a bit if of a pain to latch shut since it is rubber. When removing the vest be sure to be patient as it is pretty thin and feels like it could rip if not done carefully. Once the vest is removed you can see his chest/belly hair and even his tattoo down his spine, all nice added details. His wristbands even have the Seth Rollins logos and Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim written on them, which is really cool. Moving on to his tights you can see the painted on belt, Seth Rollins logos and designs, thin rubber knee pads (not limiting knee movement) and his black/gray kick pads.

Lastly, he comes with the now SmackDown Live WWE title. You can see the nice detail engraved in the plastic although these belts don’t have the custom side plates, which is a bummer but understandable as it would be truly expensive for Mattel to make a belt for every person. The strap is made of a thin rubber as well with latches so you can size it accordingly to your figure. Just be patient as it sometimes doesn’t latch well due to it being a soft rubber.

Overall, the figure is pretty nice. If you’re not a fan of screaming head scans you may be turned off by it. I think it’s one of Seth’s best figures although he does have a similar one in different colors that just came out in Elite 52 now available on (use code MBG to Save 10%). The articulation is nice in that there’s no issues with stiffness of joints, so you can pose him really well, which is great for display/photography purposes. I really like the black/gray attire so it’s nice to see an Elite of it finally and the extra details like his wristbands make it pop that much more. I do recommend it if you can find it at Walmart, but so far it’s been a bit of a challenge. I think the set is starting to pop up a lot more as of this week so start checking!

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Thanks and I’ll see you next week!