(Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)

Zack Ryder Reveals New Funko POP!, Talks Wrestling Figure Collection On Toy Podcast (Photos)

Last week WWE.com shared a new Unboxed video of Zack Ryder revealing his brand new New York Comic Con 2017 Exclusive Funko POP! based on his Wrestlemania 32 attire.

(Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)

The POP! will be available at NYCC in October and according to Funko will also be a shared exclusive, meaning it will appear at a specific retail store, currently unannounced, for those who can’t attend the show. You can see it and the prototype revealed to Zack in the video below.

Zack also recently appeared on the popular wrestling toy podcast Fullyposeable where he discussed how he got into his huge WWE Hasbro and other wrestling toy collection. He recently picked up some very rare, one of a kind Hasbros such as the unreleased Macho Man Randy Savage in green trunks as well as a Brutus Beefcake in red attire and Greg Valentine in his Rhythm & Blues attire, something many diehard collectors only dream about. Not to mention he goes in detail about some unreleased Hasbro artwork he recently obtained that was designed for a canceled set.

Zack also reveals his favorite figure of himself to date, the recently revealed upcoming Elite Zack Ryder in his Battleground attire with the Sting-like jacket as well as what it was like growing up a wrestling fan collecting to now collecting toys of himself and more. He even discusses a funny toy hunt story with Curt Hawkins that is definitely worth a listen.

You can hear more on the Fullyposeable podcast on iTunes as well as Podbean.com. You can also see more of Zack’s impressive collection on WWE.com here.

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