GFW Impact Results (8/31) Global Champ Eli Drake in Action, Huge Global Title Match Signed, and More!

GFW Impact Results – 08/31/17GFW Impact Results

August 31st, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Eli Drake and Chris Adonis walk into the arena smoking cigars. Also, American Top Team enters the arena. Scott D’More shakes Dan Lambert’s hand. Jeff Jarrett walks up to Lambert and tries to engage him. Lambert tells Jarrett that he can take his olive branch and shove it. The gravy train has left the building.

In Ring Segment: Eli Drake and Chris Adonis

Drake says he busted his butt for 14 years to get to this point. Some would say this has to make him happy. Wrong. It pisses Drake off that it took this long. Drake says it’s time to move on. He is on top of the mountain and that is all that matters. Some say that it’s hard to stay hungry now but that’s not the case. Drake goes into a story about a cougar or something… Anyway, there wasn’t a man in Impact that can touch him. Drake outlasted everyone and that is just a fact of life. Johnny Impact interrupts. Impact tells Drake he can say whatever he likes but he will tell Drake right now, and he speaks for everyone in the back when he says they are all tired of hearing Drake run his mouth. Impact says he has had more names than Drake has had titles. Impact wants the GFW Global title.

Eddie Edwards music hits and he joins them in the ring. Edwards says it’s all well and good that Drake is out here celebrating. Edwards knows how things work around here. If you want something you have to speak up. Edwards is speaking up. Impact may be AAA champion but that doesn’t mean anything here. Edwards tells Impact that he out ranks him in GFW. Edwards says he wants his title back. Drake asks Impact if he is going to sit there and take this. impact says he respects what Edwards has done but Edwards has had his shot. Jim Cornette walks to the ring and tells everyone to calm down. There is no reason to argue. Cornette books a tag team match: Impact and Edwards vs Adonis and Drake. If Edwards or Impact get the pin they get a shot at Drake’s title. If Adonis or Drake get the pin, Drake doesn’t have to defend against either of them.