wwe smackdown live

Changes Needed To SmackDown Live Roster, Future Of Jeff Hardy Challenging For IC Title

wwe smackdown live

This video starts off about SmackDown Live with Josh Isenberg’s monologue titled “Please Vince.” Here’s an excerpt:

Josh Isenberg: Please Vince, maybe you should get guys out from the SmackDown Live umbrella who are super talented that aren’t being utilized to their fullest potential. Mike and Mari Kanellis. A couple in an interesting 90s throwback idea of love trumping all. Both could be fully more utilized on Monday Night RAW. Sami Zayn or Tye Dillinger. Tye came out of NXT as the most popular champ who paid his dues to get back to the level he wanted to. Now he lasts 2 minutes in a match against AJ Styles, doesn’t make sense to me. Sami Zayn everyone thought was the next champ the next guy who was going to get an opportunity on SmackDown Live. He needs to stay on SmackDown Live but find something for him. His talent in the ring is too good to be wasted on matches like last week still involving Kevin Owens. We get it, they are former best friends. Find something else for him to do.

The video continues with debate on what’s the bigger story: Nakamura vs Orton with 1 week of build or Jeff Hardy challenging for the IC title?