Figure Friday: WWE Elite Goldberg + RAW Main Event Ring (Photos)

Welcome to Figure Friday! Today we’ll take a look at Goldberg’s very first Mattel WWE action figure as well as the brand new RAW Main Event (Elite Scale) ring! I was super excited to get Goldberg’s first Elite figure and it was worth the wait! You can get yours on and if you’d like to save some money use discount code MBG to Save 10% on your order!

Goldberg! Goldberg! Goldberg! ———————————————————- Check out my in-depth review on’s #FigureFriday tomorrow featuring the Mattel WWE Elite Goldberg figure and RAW Main Event Ring plus an all-NEW episode of Figure 2 Photo showing the making of this photo on Monday! ———————————————————- Save 10% on with code MBG at checkout! ———————————————————- Save 15% on with code MBG1211 at checkout! ———————————————————- #wwe #worldwrestlingentertainment #wwenetwork #wweuniverse #wwemattel #Goldberg #BillGoldberg #WrestleZone #wrestling #WrestlingFigures #wrestlingfigurephotography #ccw #crashcollisionwrestling #raw #smackdown #nxt #acba #actionfigures #ringsidecollectibles #mbg1211 #mbgfilms #matthewgoldberg #wfp #toyphotography #toystagram #ToyCrewBuddies #figlife #ArticulatedComicBookArt

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The packaging is nice, but quite bulky. It’s a huge box honestly, but it’s cool it has the “Elite” feel to it with the image of Goldberg on the side as well as his stats, etc. about him. You can see him posed in the front window, too. Also on the box are images of the ring. The front allows you to test the light up feature to recreate the LED effect seen on TV. One thing I always laugh about on wrestling play set boxes are the poses. The poses on this box aren’t too bad, but some are a little odd making you wonder if the people who photograph the artwork actually watch wrestling or have watched it before. The overall look of the box is nice though as it has the RAW color scheme. On the back it shows you a lot of the features and what accessories are included.

Moving on to Goldberg, the main draw as it’s his very first Mattel figure with no firm confirmation of anymore releasing after. This figure is very simple of course as he has a simple look, but I think they did a great job. It looks much better than the prototype revealed awhile back. One complaint people are noticing is that his gray beard is painted on to his lower lip on most that surfaced so far, so keep an eye on that. Otherwise the tattoo work and logo on his tights are nicely done. Even the chest hair is a nice touch. His articulation isn’t restricted by his arm and knee pads so that’s great for posing purposes. Here’s hoping they make more of him for those who may not want to shell out the money for the ring, but he makes it worth it honestly.

Taking a look at the ring, it’s a nice, current update to the older Wicked Cool Toys rings, but it has it’s pros and cons:


  • Light up feature for LED effect
  • Cloth ring skirt/ring mat
  • Durable, “breakable” announce table
  • Reclining announce chairs
  • Tight ropes
  • Aerial posing pieces
  • Clips hold down ring mat securely
  • Ring feels more secure/durable as a whole
  • Compatible with older WWE/non-WWE figures


  • Not 100% scaled properly with figures – turnbuckles/ring ropes (photo in gallery below)
  • Plastic turnbuckles (used to be rubber)/posts all in one piece
  • Steel steps (x1) + don’t separate in two pieces
  • Smaller scale in general than older authentic scale rings

Overall, it’s not bad. I like it as it’s the most current version of the WWE ring. It’s disappointing the scale is a little off and they took some shortcuts in places, but if you missed out on the other rings or just want a current version that lights up this is worth picking up, especially for the Goldberg figure. The price point ($99+) is high for some, but this ring is meant for high end collectors. There is no word on if/when Goldberg will have another figure at this time so I recommend acquiring this while you can if you are a fan. As mentioned earlier you can get in on and use discount code MBG to Save 10% on your order!

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Figure Friday! Look for an all-NEW episode of Figure 2 Photo on Monday showing the making of the Goldberg entrance photo above on the WrestleZone Facebook and YouTube pages. In the meantime if you’d like to keep up with the latest wrestling figure news be sure to follow my popular Wrestling Figure News Twitter if you’re on there! Also, if you’d like to keep up with myself and my latest wrestling figure projects such as my photography be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube!

Thanks and I’ll see you next week!