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Jinder Mahal Passes Ric Flair Milestone, Road Warriors Vs Midnight Express – Starrcade ’86 (Video), Cody Wants Goldust On Starrcade

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Jinder Mahal Passes Ric Flair Milestone

While it is hysterical to state that Jinder Mahal should even be in the same ballpark as Ric Flair regarding being a World Champion, statistics show otherwise. As of today, Mahal’s one reign as WWE Champion has surpassed Flair’s two reigns – and Roman Reigns’ three reigns – totaling 118 days each. Mahal now sits at 119 days since defeating Randy Orton at Backlash on May 21. His next goal is Eddie Guerrero at 133 days with one reign, and Edge at 139 days with four reigns. AJ Styles was able to hold the title for 140 days.

Road Warriors Vs Midnight Express – Starrcade ’86

Although the scaffold match is one of the most criticized match in NWA/WCW history, Starrcade did feature this notorious match in 1986, as the Road Warriors competed against the Midnight Express. You can view the match below.

Cody Wants Goldust On Starrcade

As reported, Brandi Rhodes had some choice words to say about WWE bringing back Starrcade, feeling that they should have returned it while father-in-law Dusty was still living. Cody Rhodes also commented about the return, specifically to Michael Hayes. Cody feels that since it is a PPV created by his father Dusty, his brother Goldust should be on the ticket. What Cody may not know is that it is being advertised as a SmackDown Live event, minus the Hardy Boyz being advertised to appear.

You can view both Cody’s comment and the line-up below (*line-up contains potential spoilers*).