Figure Friday: WWE Network Spotlight Elite TJ Perkins (Photos)

Welcome to Figure Friday! Today we take a look at the all-NEW WWE Network Spotlight Elite TJ Perkins, only available at Toys R Us! This is TJ’s very first figure in the Mattel WWE line. You can order him on the Toys R Us website here.

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Looking at TJ in the packaging you can see he’s in the typical Network Spotlight style packaging with the images of him on the sides as well as a bio about him winning the CWC on the back, as that’s what moment this figure is based on. You can see he comes with the medal and CWC title belt, also the very first time this has been released in the Mattel WWE line. Unfortunately TJ doesn’t come with his vest, which would’ve completed this figure. Hopefully a future figure of him will have one.

Moving on to TJ out of the packaging you can see all the detail on this figure, which is nice. They did a nice job with his tights as they have a lot of different designs and logos on them, which makes the figure pop that much more. You can pose him quite well as none of his joints are restricted, making him great for recreating any CWC moments. His head scan looks pretty much like him as well, which is great as Mattel can sometimes be a hit or a miss when it comes to those.

Looking at TJ’s accessories you can see the detail in his medal with the CWC logo on it. It is engraved so it feels like a medal, made out of plastic obviously, but the detail is great. Not to mention his title belt, which has a lot of detail. This is probably my favorite WWE title Mattel has released in awhile. It’s just so unique looking and I love the purple strap as it makes the belt standout from all the others. The silver plates have a lot of detail on them, displaying Mattel’s dedication to making this title belt great. You can size it accordingly to whichever figure you choose to place it on as it has the latches in the back like the other Mattel title belts.

Overall, I think this figure turned out really well. The detail from head to toe on this figure is great. I love his accessories as they’re detailed and just make the figure pop that much more. I do wish he had his entrance vest as I feel that’s the only place Mattel dropped the ball but it’s still a great figure. I’m sure he’ll sell well considering he has the first CWC title in the line plus it’s his very first figure. Remember you can only get him at Toys R Us should you be interested in adding him to your collection.

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Thanks and I’ll see you next week!