Sami Zayn
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Sami Zayn Explains His Actions At Hell In A Cell, Kevin Owens Calls Him A Guardian Angel (Photos / Video)

(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

Kevin Owens bragged about his win at WWE Hell In A Cell, saying he did what he promised and got rid of Shane McMahon, and he had a guardian angel that made it all happen.

Owens came to the ring and talked about sending Shane McMahon to hell, then spoke about how Sami Zayn saved him, and now this is really going to be the Kevin Owens Show. Next, Sami comes out and talks about Owens’ powerbomb on the apron opening his eyes, and he talked about trying to make the fans happy and all it did was bring him to mediocrity. He says Owens went to be Universal Champion, but he had a clear conscience and that was all that was supposed to matter. Sami says Shane McMahon sold him on RAW wasting his talents and why he invited him to Smackdown… but that was the last meeting he ever had with Shane.

Sami said he kept putting a smile on his face and kept coming to work, and he tried to warn Shane, but no one would listen so he saved his brother Kevin because it was the right thing to do. Sami says Shane turned into a psycho, and he despised Kevin for a while, but now he knows it was just because Kevin was right. He thanks Owens and hugs him, then they take turns putting each other over and raising each others arms before finally leaving.