Figure Friday: WWE Basic 77 Corey Graves (Photos)

Welcome to Figure Friday! Today we take a look at the WWE Basic 77 Corey Graves figure, his very first action figure in the Mattel and WWE line. This figure is currently available on, where I got mine and you can Save 10% on your order with discount code MBG at checkout!

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That being said let’s take a look at Corey in the packaging. On his box it says “First Time in the Line” as mentioned earlier it is his very first figure in the Mattel WWE line as well as his first action figure in general. On the back of the box it reveals who else is in the set, including: Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Finn Bálor.

Taking a look at Corey out of the packaging you can see it’s not a bad figure. My main complaints really is the fact he looks really bulky as he wears fitted suits when this figure makes him look large. His head looks a little small to me because of that. Not to mention this is the first Basic series where the bicep joints are gone and rather moved down to the elbow, making it a bit more challenging to pose the figures.

Besides those two things the figure is decent. The scan looks like him for the most part and the detail with his tattoos is nice. Besides that the figure is pretty simple as it is a suited figure after all. He is in scale well with the Elite announcer figures, such as Booker T and Michael Cole seen above. You can pose him decently although he is a Basic, so he doesn’t have ball jointed legs or an ab crunch joint.

Overall, I like the figure, it just has a few flaws for my tastes, especially the new arm articulation. It would’ve been cool if they made a newer suited body for him that’s skinnier, too. It’s not awful, it just doesn’t look like him in that respect in my opinion. Besides that I like the detail and the scan, which is most important. The figure gets the job done for completing my RAW announce team and can do the same for your collection as well. As mentioned earlier he is currently available on and you can use discount code MBG to Save 10% on it should you choose to order one.

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