GFW Impact Results (10/19) American Top Team Runs Roughshod, Rosemary Takes On Taya Valkyrie In The Main Event!

GFW Impact Results – 10/19/17GFW Impact Results

October 19th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Moose and Stefan Bonnar are shown rolling a cart with all of the stuff they stole from the American Top Team gym into the building. Next, we see Bobby Lashley and the rest of American Top Team walking into the building. Lashley is seemingly livid.

Chris Adonis vs Johnny Impact

As soon as the bell rings Impact tackles Adonis. Running knee by Impact. Adonis kicks Impact in the gut. Adonis pulls Impact back to his feet to deliver a few stiff chops. Impact tries to fire up but Adonis back body drops him. Adonis locks in a bearhug. Spinebuster by Adonis for a near fall. Adonis calls for the Adonis Lock. Adonis locks in the hold. Impact starts to fade. Impact leaps over the top rope to break the hold. Impact rolls up Adonis. Adonis kicks out. Impact unleashes a flurry of strikes that end with a stiff kick to the chest. Neckbreaker by Impact for a two count. Adonis back body drops Impact out to the apron. Impact lands on his feet. Impact floors Adonis with a springboard spin kick. After a short break, Adonis attempts a superplex. Impact punches Adonis off the top rope. Impact hits the Countdown to Impact for the win.

Winner- Johnny Impact

After the match, Eli Drake tries to attack Impact. Impact knocks Drake to the mat and rips his pants off. Impact takes off Drake’s belt and whips him with it. Adonis attacks Impact from behind. Drake and Adonis assault Impact together. Drake whips Impact with the same belt Impact beat him with. Garza Jr. hits the ring with a steel chair to make the save.