WWE NXT Results (11/15) Moon Clashes With Martinez, Almas and McIntyre Face-off, Final Hype For Takeover War Games!

WWE NXT Results – 11/15/17WWE NXT Results

November 15th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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The Street Profits vs Tina Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss

Dawkins and Sabbatelli lock up. Sabbatelli drives Dawkins into the corner. Clean break by Sabbatelli. Leapfrog dropdown spot, Dawkins floors Sabbatelli with a shoulder block. Ford front flips over the top rope. Ford lands a basement dropkick on Sabbatelli. Dawkins hits a splash. Moss hits the ring and runs right into a double dropkick by the Street Profits. Corkscrew corner splash by Ford on Moss. Sabbatelli attacks Ford from behind. Sabbatelli and Moss take turns beating down Ford. Sabbatelli tries to back suplex Ford. Ford lands on his feet and tags in Dawkins, who clears the ring. Bulldog by Dawkins. Dawkins misses a corkscrew corner lariat. Sabbatelli knocks Ford off the apron. Sabbatelli turns around and Dawkins puts his lights out with a stiff right hand. It’s over… yes, really, it’s over!

Winners- The Street Profits

This was a fun quick match. Both teams have a lot of upside but the Street Profits have a billion times more charisma than Moss and Sabbatelli. That may just be due to the gimmicks each team has been saddled with but it will be interesting to see is Moss and Sabbatelli can develop into more than just generic Million Dollar Man-esq clones.  I have seen some backlash online when it comes to the Street Profits. Many are saying the gimmick is offense and liken it to Cryme Tyme. First of all, Cryme Tyme was awesome. Secondly, lighten up. The Street Profits are more rowdy college kids then stereotypical thugs. Just go with it. Have some fun.