Impact Wrestling Results (11/16) Gail Kim Retires, oVe And LAX Go To War, Eli Drake Defends Against Petey Williams!

Impact Wrestling Results – 11/16/17Impact Wrestling Results

November 16th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Taiji Ishimori, Caleb Konley, Trevor Lee vs Sonjay Dutt, Garza Jr., and Dezmond Xavier

Dutt takes Lee over with a hurricanrana. Lee retreats to the corner and tags in Ishimori. Ishimori takes Dutt over with a backflip head scissors. Konley tags himself in. Ishimori argues with Lee. Dutt dropkicks Konley. After a distraction from Lee, Konely takes control. The heels work over Dutt. Dutt manages to finally make the tag to Garza Jr. Garza Jr. is still favoring his previously injured shoulder. Garza clears the ring and rips off his pants (with one good arm!). Garza Jr. tags in Xavier, who takes out Lee and Konley with a topé con hilo. Xavier sets up another dive but Ishimori hits a springboard senton on Xavier. Ishimori goes up top but Konley tags himself in. Konley accidentally crotches Ishimori on the top rope. Xavier hits the X19 then the Final Flash off the top for the win.

Winners- Sonjay Dutt, Garza Jr., and Dezmond Xavier

At first glance, I had no earthly idea why this match was happening. Seems they are teasing some sort of tension between Ishimori and the Cult of Lee. Normally that would be fine but whatever happened to the Xavier/Lee feud that led into Bound for Glory? Xavier ate the pin in the BFG match and that was the end of it. I am not sure where they are going with the X-Division title but so far none of this makes any sense.