NXT Takeover War Games

WWE NXT Takeover War Games Results (11/18) New Champions Crowned, Who Survived War Games?

November 18th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Kassius Ohno vs Lars Sullivan

As soon as the bell rings Sullivan bullrushes Ohno into the corner. Ohno elbow Sullivan in the face. Sullivan doesn’t budge. Ohno boots Sullivan in the face. Sullivan no sells it. Ohno hits the ropes and tries a clothesline but Sullivan runs through it and hits one of his one. Ohno rolls outside. Sullivan dives off the apron and shoulder blocks Ohno. Sullivan slams Ohno on the apron. Sullivan whips Ohno into the corner. Ohno catches the charging Sullivan with a boot. Enziguri by Ohno. Ohno kips up but Sullivan destroys him with a stiff clothesline. Ohno tries to fight back but runs right into a pop-up power slam. Ohno manages to kick out. Sullivan misses a top rope diving headbutt. Elbow by Ohno followed by another big boot. Sullivan screams in Ohno’s face.

Ohno punches Sullivan right in the mouth. Ohno staggers Sullivan with another shot to the face. Roaring elbow by Ohno. Sullivan staggers around the ring. Ohno elbows Sullivan in the back of the head then hits the corkscrew big boot! Sullivan is down! Ohno goes for the pin but Sullivan kicks out at two. Ohno kicks Sullivan in the head again. Sullivan sits up. Ohno grabs Sullivan’s arm and stomps on Sullivan’s head over and over again. Senton by Ohno. Sullivan kicks out at one, pops up to his feet and screams “how dare you!” at Ohno (ha). Ohno Sullivan trade shots. Sullivan runs into another roaring elbow by Ohno. Ohno sets up another discus elbow but Sullivan counters it into the Freak Accident for the win!

Winner- Lars Sullivan