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Impact Wrestling Results (3/1) Taya Valkyrie Returns, Eddie Edwards Battles Sami Callihan!

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EC3 vs Tyrus

Before the match starts EC3 gets in Tyrus’ face and barks at him. Tyrus pushes EC3 and EC3 is sent tumbling out of the ring. EC3 decides to stretch against the guardrail. Tryus mocks EC3’s stretching. EC3 charges in and tries to lock up with Tyrus. Tyrus pushes EC3 across the ring. EC3 rolls out of the ring and acts as if he is going to leave. EC3 takes a selfie with a  person in the crowd. EC3 finally gets back in the ring. Tyrus squeezes EC3’s hand, then stomps on it. EC3 is back out of the ring once again. Tyrus tries to bring EC3 back into the ring. EC3 stuns Tyrus on the top rope. EC3 lands a few chops but Tyrus shrugs them off. EC3 hits the ropes and bounces off of  Tyrus. Tyrus body slams EC3. Tyrus crushes EC3 in the corner and butt bumps him.

Tyrus chases EC3 around the ring. EC3 catches Tyrus with a few strikes as he tries to get back in the ring. EC3 rakes at Tyrus’ face. EC3 goes up top and hits a big double ax handle. EC3 locks in a cravat. Tyrus fights out of it. EC3 tries the Stinger splash but Tyrus hits him with a headbutt. Tyrus tosses EC3 across the ring with a t-bone suplex. Corner splash by Tyrus. EC3 uses the referee as a shield and pokes Tyrus in the eye EC3 tries the One Percenter but Tyrus shrugs him off. Tyrus hits his own One Percenter. Tyrus puts EC3 in the Tongan Death Grip for the pinfall victory.

Winner- Tyrus

This was a fun opening match. EC3 hammed it up pretty hard and still managed to make Tyrus look like a million bucks. It will be interesting to see what happens with Tyrus moving forward. Will he finally take the next step in Impact?