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Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

Johnny Impact Teases Chasing Impact Champ Austin Aries To ROH; Talks Tonight’s Feast or Fired Match, Impact v Lucha Underground, More

Johnny Impact Teases Following Impact Champ Aries To ROH; Talks Tonight’s Feast or Fired Match, Impact v Lucha Underground, More
Photo Credit: Impact Wrestling

WrestleZone was granted an interview with Impact Wrestling star Johnny Impact just now.

You can find some highlights from the interview transcribed below. The full audio from the interview is available on the final page of this post or via WrestleZone Radio on iTunes.

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On tonight’s Feast or Fired match that will see one Impact Wrestling star go home:

JI: You either win a title shot for the Impact Championship or you get handed your pink slip, kicked in the ass and sent packing. That’s cool! (Laughs) It’s cool because I am not in the match and it’s cool because it makes me want to watch the match.

It’s interesting because part of me thinks, “Well, say you win one of the briefcases, what if you just didn’t open it? What if you gave it to someone else without opening it?” You’d give up your opportunity to be the number one contender but you would also for sure not get fired. What if you wait to be the last one to open it? Then you’d already know if you were going to get fired or a title shot. Wrestlers aren’t very patient but that’s the kind of thing I think about when I hear about this type of concept and match.

On where his head is at following his loss to Austin Aries for the Impact Championship at Crossroads:

JI: First word that comes to mind is “surprised”. Not that I thought Austin Aries is a slouch but I may have walked into that match a little overconfident. Both of us left it all out there. I am proud of the match and what I did in the ring. I was surprised by the outcome but I am looking forward at another chance to take Austin Aries to Slamtown, check him in and leave with the Impact Championship.

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