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ROH TV Ep #340 Recap: Scorpio Sky v Flip Gordon, Hangman & The Villain Battle The Boys, WOH Tourny, More

ROH TV Ep #340 Recap: Scorpio Sky v Flip Gordon, Hangman & The Villain Battle The Boys, WOH Tourny Continues, More
Photo Credit: WrestleZone

ROH Wrestling: Episode #340

Sam’s Town Live – Las Vegas, NV

On Commentary: Ian Riccaboni & Colt Cabana

The Kingdom kicks off the show. Matt Taven addresses that there’s a conspiracy here at ROH. Cody is allowed to to bring a bear and his wife, but they get kicked out. Taven says they will get those six-man tag titles back. Out comes the enforcer, Bully Ray. He asks Taven if he ever gets tired about complaining about a conspiracy? There is no conspiracy. Maybe you guys just suck. They come out, complain and stick their noses in situations that they aren’t involved in. Bully Ray says they don’t belong or have a match at Supercard of Honor. TK Ryan takes the stick and asks Bully Ray what makes him think they’re not going to show up at Supercard anyhow? Bully says why don’t they do something about it right now? They don’t bite and Bully says if he could fire them he’d do it right now.

Quick, but effective segment that gets both parties over (The Kingdom party and the Bully party.) TK Ryan, although brief on the mic, got across his persona nicely with his chance to talk.

MATCH 1: Kelly Klein vs. Mandy Leon (Women of Honor Tournament: Quarterfinal Match)

Kelly says in a video segment does a quick video segment saying that she only looks at Mandy Leone at a stepping stone on the way to the top. Mandy responds in her own video segment saying that Kelly won’t get in the way of that.

Two start off with a stare down and a back-n-forth slap off. Mandy starts off with some leg kicks until Klein gives her a modified backbreaker. He begins feeding her knees and turns into a snapmare into a spine kick for a two-count. Both continue to trade punches and Klein bounces off the rope into a standing kick for a two count. She locks Leon down into a chin lock. Mandy comes back on the attack and delivers a rolling senton off of the apron to the outside and we cut to a commercial.

We come back to see Mandy hits a flying front kick off the top rope. Klein gains advantage again. Mandy Leon delivers a modified “White Noise”-esque drop on her knee for a two. Action goes to the top rope and Klein hits an impressive fall away slam off the top rope. This causes the ref to begin a ten count which both answer to trading punches in the center of the ring until the two get to theif feet.

Mandy leads her into the corner to deliver some thigh kicks and drags Klein into the ring for a leg wrench. Klein gets her into a dragging sleeper body scissors. Mandy escapes and hits an Astral Projection for a two count. Mandy puts her in the Havana Dream. Klein taps but referee Paul Turner doesn’t see it. Mandy releases the hold, thinking she advances in the tournament and Klein recuperates to snap suplex her into her sit-down guillotine. Leon doesn’t tap but she’s fading out and the ref stops the match.

Winner: Kelly Klein via KO submission

Good, unique match. Some of it came off a little awkward and stiff, but overall the two made the fight look raw and hard-hitting. Stood out from a women’s match you’d see on Raw or Smackdown every week (in a good way.)