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Impact Wrestling Results (4/26): Big Poppa Pump And Eli Drake Defend The Tag Team Titles, More

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Backstage, Austin Aries is addressing the Impact roster. Aries says he knows that everyone is concerned about him losing the Impact title. Aries says if he was an excuse maker he would point out that he defending the title against two men and he only had a 33 and a 3rd chance of retaining. He checked with Scott Steiner on the math. Aries proceeds to make excuse after excuse. Aries says the title doesn’t make the man so thankfully he still has the Grand Championship and he is still in charge around here. Moose tells Aries that for someone who doesn’t make excuses he sure is making a lot of them. Aries tells Moose that his job is to shut up and protect the QB (Aries). Moose gets up and walks away. Everyone leaves behind Moose.

Brian Cage vs Trevor Lee w/Kaleb Conley

Lee tries to lock up with Cage. Cage tosses Lee across the ring. Lee asks for a test of strength. Lee kicks Cage in the gut and grabs a side headlock. Cage tosses Lee again.  Cage traps Lee in the corner and lands a clothesline. Cage tosses Lee in a fallaway slam. Lee low bridges the top rope sending Cage out to the apron. Cage tries to suplex Lee on the apron. Conley clutches Cage’s leg. Lee blast Cage with a PK on the apron. Lee brings Cage back in the ring. Impressive deadlift German suplex by the much smaller Lee. Lee lands a few elbows. Cage shrugs them off. Cage launches Lee into the corner. Short arm clotheslines by Cage. T-bone suplex by Cage. Lee gets a boot up while Cage is charging in. Lee runs out of the corner but Cage power slams him. Cage takes out Lee and Conley. Cage deadlift suplexes Lee back into the ring. Cage obliterates Lee with the Drill Claw for the win!

Winner- Brain Cage