Impact Wrestling Results

Impact Wrestling Results (3/1/19)

Impact Wrestling Results

March 1st, 2019

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Last Week’s Impact Wrestling Results

Willie Mack vs Jake Crist w/Dave Crist

Mack takes Jake down with a Thez press. Body slam followed by a basement neck breaker by Mack. Jake backflips out of a back suplex and superkicks Mack twice. Jake sends Mack to the outside. Jake hits two topés followed by a suicide dive tornado DDT. Cleveland Jam off the top by Jake. Mack kicks out. Jake dives off the top but Mack catches him in midair. Samoan drop by Mack. Mack gets a near fall after a standing moonsault. Rope hang code breaker by Mack. Mack goes up top. Dave pushes Mack off the top rope to cause the disqualification.

Winner- Willie Mack

After the match, oVe attacks Mack. Tommy Dreamer hits the ring to make the save. Dreamer says he is here to right the wrongs in pro wrestling. Dreamer challenges oVe to a tag match.

Willie Mack and Tommy Dreamer vs oVe

Mack and Dreamer land tandem elbows. Swinging neck breaker by Dreamer. Dave catches Dreamer with an illegal knee to the back. Jake holds Dreamer as Dave lands a senton to Dreamer’s back. oVe takes turns working over Dreamer. Dreamer manages to tag in Mack. Mack clears the ring. Mack lands a big suplex. Dave breaks up Mack’s pin. Mack cannonballs Jake. Mack lands the stunner on Dave. DVD by Dreamer to Jack. Mack crushes Jake with the six-star frog splash for the win.

Winners- Willie Mack and Tommy Dreamer

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