Chris DeJoseph On Lucha Underground’s New Home, Pentagon Jr Being A Centerpiece Of The Show, Adding Familiar Faces To The Roster

Chris DeJoseph recently spoke with Michael Wonsover for; you can read a few highlights below:

DeJoseph comments on the new approach to Season 4 with a shorter season: 

“When we were doing [Seasons] 2 and 3, we finished two and then we went right into three. Here, we’re trying to tell as many stories as possible but in a shorter period of time. It’s obviously a little bit different, but I think sometimes it’s good because we put the pedal to the metal and go for it.”

The new location: 

“[Switching locations] gave us a lot of new things to play with. It will play out over the storyline — there’s a reason why “The Temple” has been moved to this particular location. It’s a really great set. You’ll see some of the cool sets and the things we were able to do that we weren’t even able to do at our last location.”

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Pentagon Jr. being a focal point of this season: 

“Pentagon over the past three seasons has become the centerpiece of ‘Lucha Underground.’ He is probably the most important character on the show. This season will highlight that and show his battles now that he has the Lucha Underground championship and he has [the] big target on his back now instead of Prince Puma. There’s a lot on his shoulders, but I think he’ll be able to carry the load with ‘cero miedo.’

“He’s such an amazing antihero. Not only that, Pentagon himself as a performer is just so charismatic and he connects with the people so well. He could break 10 people’s arms and everybody would go crazy and cheer for him. He really is the coolest bad guy ever.”

DeJoseph comments on how they continue to add talents that are familiar to wrestling fans such as Jack Swagger and Tommy Dreamer: 

“Sometimes we might get a phone call from somebody who’s like, ‘I really love “Lucha Underground.” I would love to be involved in it.’ Then we’re like, ‘How can we get this talent involved in the show and find something for them.’ It’s always fun to basically play with new toys and explore some of these relationships. Some of these characters we’ve known what we’ve wanted for some long period of time and have just been building to them finally arriving in ‘Lucha Underground.’ It’s exciting to finally see those stories and those characters come to life.”