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Exclusive: Fallah Bahh On Fat Shaming In Wrestling, Callahan’s Recent Attack On Don Callis, His Unlikely Tag Team With KM, More

WrestleZone’s Lovell Porter was granted the opportunity today to speak with Impact Wrestling superstar Fallah Bahh.

You can find some highlights from WrestleZone’s interview with Fallah Bahh below.

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On starting out as a tag team competitor to becoming a singles star:

Fallah Bahh: Mario Bokara is hurt right now. He has a knee injury. That gave me an open spot to do singles. So here I am right now, wrestling by myself, you know what I mean? I feel blessed to be part of Impact Wrestling so any opportunity I have to shine I’ll take it. I’m just happy.

On his lack of promo time:

FB: I feel like he (Bahh the character) has more time to grow right now at this moment. I feel like he is different. He is definitely not from this area, you know what I mean? I feel like there is a story to be told and hopefully given the right story, the right opportunity Fallah Bahh will get the chance to show even more personality.

On where the “Bah Bah” and “No No No” taunts originated from:

FB: Okay, so, it’s obviously my last name. Before I was doing more of the Yoko-sumo gimmick I was more of a savage. For some reason, I would just yell “Bahh!” I found it more entertaining. My name was originally just Fallah. I kept doing it so much that my last name eventually became Bahh.  I adopted it over the years.

On connecting with the crowd on a deeper level than most stars in Impact:

FB: I think it’s because I am just different. There is an art in not talking. Without saying a word there are more mannerisms or more way of expressing yourself. You know with facial expressions and eye contact. There is something endearing in that, which is honestly why I am not trying to rush promo time. Well, at least verbal promo time. You can put the camera on me and I will be myself. I feel like with not speaking you have to put more time into paying attention to the person. With having to do that there is more of a connection.

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