Impact Wrestling Results

Impact Wrestling Results (3/22/19)

Impact Wrestling Results

March 22, 2019

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Moose vs Trey

Trey lands a few leg kicks. Trey tries a ranna but Moose stuffs it. Backflip head scissor by Trey. Trey tries a dive but Moose elbows Trey in the face. Trey tries a senton over the top rope but Moose catches Trey in midair. Moose powerbombs Trey on the ring apron. Trey is almost counted out. Trey tries another dive. Moose catches Trey again and slams him into the ring steps. Moose stomps Trey. Trey lands a missile dropkick. Trey frog splashes Moose. Moose kicks out. Trey kicks out of a pop-up powerbomb. Reverse ranna by Trey. Moose kicks out. Moose Spears Trey for the win.

Winner- Moose

 Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake vs. KM & Fallah Bahh

Edwards gets the win after the Boston Knee Party.

Winners- Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake

Ace Austin vs. Damien Hyde

Austin lands a dive to the outside. Springboard boot by Austin. Springboard senton by Austin. Austin hits the Fold for the win.

Winner- Ace Austin


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