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Best of Super Juniors Night 4 Results (5/22) Hirmou/Desperado, KUSHIDA/Scurll, Sabin/Sho, More

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FIRST MATCH: Flip Gordon & Tomoyuki Oka vs. Chase Owens & Taiji Ishimori

Ishimori and Gordon start off. Ishimori locks in a side headlock and then exchanges shoulder tackles with Flip. Flip hits a handstand headscissors. Ishimori leaves the ring. Flip teases a dive.

Owens tags in. Oka tags in. Oka drops Owens with a shoulder tackle. Owens smacks Oka and then retreats from the ring. Oka tries to grab Owens’ hair but eats a dropkick from Ishimori. Flip tries to make the save but gets taken out.

Back in the ring. Owens dominates Oka with elbows. Ishimori tags in and twists Oka’s neck. Ishimori covers for two.

Owens tags in and locks in a front facelock. Owens knocks Flip off the apron and tangles Oka up in the ropes. Ishimori tags in. Ishimori stands on Oka’s neck. Oka fights back and hits a Belly To Belly Suplex. Flip tags in.

Flip hits a Samoan Drop, but gets double teamed by Owens & Ishimori. Flip hits a Pele Kick. Flip hits an Enziguri. Ishimori hits a Thrust Kick. Oka tags in. Owens tags in.

Oka bodyslams Owens. Oka hits a Spinebuster in the corner. Oka hits a suplex for two. Oka locks in an STF. Oka transitions to a Camel Clutch. Ishimori breaks up the submission.

Flip takes out Ishimori. Owens hits a Yakuza Kick. Owens hits Jewel Heist Lariat for two. Owens hits a Package Piledriver for the pinfall.

WINNERS: Chase Owens & Taiji Ishimori

SECOND MATCH: ACH & Shota Umino vs. Suzuki-gun (Minoru Suzuki & Yoshinobu Kanemaru)

Suzuki-gun attack their opponents to start. Everyone Brawls On The Outside™.

In the ring, Suzuki brutalizes Shota. Kanemaru throws ACH into the crowd. Suzuki bends Shota’s arm into a sickening Kimura. Suzuki transitions to a Single Leg Crab. Suzuki transitions to a Crossface. Shota fights to the ropes.

Kanemaru tags in. Kanemaru hits a Back Body Drop. Kanemaru hits a Baseball Slide, knocking ACH to the floor. Kanemaru hits a Brainbuster on Umino for two. Umino tries to fight back but Suzuki tags in.

Suzuki hits stiff forearms to the jaw of Shota Umino. After tenderizing the Young Lion, Suzuki slaps Umino. Kanemaru tags in.

Umino fights back but misses a dropkick. Umino hits a dropkick. ACH tags in. ACH tries to clear the apron, but Suzuki won’t budge. ACH hits a double stomp and a dropkick. Suzuki comes in and the two exchange chops. Suzuki drops ACH and goes back to the apron. Umino tags in and pummels Suzuki on the apron. Suzuki enters the ring and pummels Umino. After KOing Umino, Suzuki goes to the apron, where he’s hit with a dropkick. Umino hits a Missile Dropkick on Kanemaru for two.

Kanemaru hits a knee to the gut. Umino misses a dropkick. Kanemaru gets a nearfall. Suzuki takes out ACH. Kanemaru locks in a Single Leg Crab. Umino submits.

WINNERS: Suzuki-gun

THIRD MATCH: CHAOS (Gedo & Will Ospreay) vs. CHAOS (Yoshi-Hashi & Yoh)

Ospreay and Yoh start the match. Ospreay gets Yoh on the ropes, but Yoh reverses and breaks clean.

They lock up. Yoh locks in a wristlock. Ospreay flips out and hits an armdrag. Ospreay locks in a side headlock. Ospreay hits a monkey flip. The two exchange armdrags and dropkicks. Yoh continues to narrowly evade Ospreay’s educated feet.

Yoshi-Hashi tags in. Gedo tags in. They lock up. After an exchange of offense, Ospreay hits a springboard dropkick. Everyone Brawls On The Outside™.

Ospreay tags in and dominates Yoshi-Hashi. Ospreay poses. Yoshi-Hashi fights back and starts chopping at Ospreay’s chest. Ospreay hits a roundhouse. Yoshi-Hashi hits an enziguri. Yoh tags in and clears the apron. Yoh hits a ropehung thrust kick. Ospreay powers out of the Brainbuster. Ospreay hits a big boot. Yoh hits an enziguri. Ospreay hits Cheeky Nandos. Ospreay hits a Stunner. Yoh hits a Thrust Kick. Gedo tags in. Yoshi-Hashi tags in. Yoshi-Hashi hits Headhunter. Yoshi-Hashi hits Bunker Buster for two.

Yoshi-Hashi goes for KARMA but Ospreay breaks it up with an Enziguri. Yoh takes out Ospreay. Gedo rolls up Yoshi-Hashi for two. Gedo hits a thrust kick. Gedo locks in a Small Package for two. Yoshi-Hashi reverses Gedo Clutch with a Butterfly Lock. Gedo submits.